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Best Animal to watch out for at Animal Kingdom

Home to 1,700 animals from 250 species and spanning across 500 acres of thriving landscape, Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® is the largest animal-themed park in the world! And because there are so many different animals to take in, Orlando Fun Tickets thought we’d share our favorite animals so you get a real feel of the wild!

Gorilla and Baby – In March 2010, Animal Kingdom ® welcomed the third gorilla born in the park, a baby girl named Lilly. Lilly immediately won over the hearts of cast member’s hearts with her tiny size and sweet demeanor. Now, no longer a baby, Lilly is still one of the most beloved animals to watch in the park as she hops along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, running after rabbits and wandering away form her mother Kashata. While on track developmentally, Lilly is still smaller than the rest of her western lowland gorilla family, making it much easier to spot her on your next trail visit.

Elephants – Almost a year ago a 311-pound male African elephant, Jabali was welcomed into the elephant group at Animal Kingdom ® by his mother Vasha. Jabali was the second calf for the 25-year old mother and became the 12th elephant in Animal Kingdom’s herd. With 12 elephants, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has one of the largest African elephant herds in North America, including four males and eight females. The newest elephant calf joins six elephants that have been born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom since 2003.

Giraffes – There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite animal up close. And while we may never be able to stand feet away from a lion or tiger we will be able to practically stand nose-to-nose with one of nature’s tallest animals, a giraffe on Animal Kingdom’s ® Kilimanjaro Safari. One of the highlights of the safari is when you come across the giraffe area of the tour and the lanky creatures walk right up to the side of the ride vehicle for an up-close-and-personal view you won’t believe!

Tigers – And while we’ll never get close enough to touch a tiger, the Maharajah Jungle Trek will take guests as close as possible as you travel deep into the Anandapur Royal Forest of Southeast Asia for incredible views of Asian Tigers. 3 separate areas allow for excellent views of the majestic creatures as they play in the lush landscape and waterfalls that surround the area.

Monkeys – The term “Quite mokney-ing around” must have gotten its name from Habitat Habitat! in Rafiki’s Planet Watch are of Animal Kingdom ®. With dozens of cotton-top tamarins (South American monkeys) hopping form one tree to the next, showing off their skills and long flowing white hair, Habitat Habitat is a great place to take in the tiny primates, and start monkey-ing around!

American Bald Eagle & Eurasian Eagle Owl – It’s not often you spot an American Bald Eagle or a Eurasian Eagle Owl but at the 25-minute live show Flights of Wonder in the Asia area of Animal Kingdom ® you’ll get a chance to see both like you never have before. Both birds don’t necessarily fly, swoop and soar in the show but they are brought out for the audience to marvel at their beauty, and how beautiful they are!

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