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Top Celeb Sightings at Epcot

Walt Disney World ® might not be the place you’d expect to run into celebrities but at Epcot ® there are actually quite a few stars who pop up on the park’s many attractions, rides and seasonal shows. Here’s who just may run into on your next Epcot ® visit:

Martin Short – You’re next Epcot ® visit could be a funny one when you run into comedian and actor Martin Short at the Canada Pavilion. The Canadian native is the host of the “O Canada” film and you can experience his comedic talents and his vocals along with Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila as they sing “Canada (You’re a Lifetime Journey).”

Ellen DeGeneres – Much like Martin Short, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shows up at Epcot ® in one of the park’s many attractions. The witty comedian appears in Ellen’s Energy Adventure where guests will enjoy a 45-minute multimedia journey through Ellen’s subconscious. Her brain becomes a time machine that transports you through primeval forests where dinosaurs live! You’re adventure will put you face to face with dinosaurs and you’ll learn how fossil fuels were formed, all with Ellen!

Gary Sinise – If you’ve taken a trip to Mars on Mission: SPACE, then you know Gary Sinise quite well. He’s your mission commander, guiding you and your crew to safety as you fly across the stars. And you can see him in person at this year’s Epcot Candlelight Processional November 29 – December 1. This will be Sinise’s second time reading the Christmas Story and we can’t wait to hear his rendition.

Judi Dench – Hear Judi Dench’s incredible voice as she narrates Spaceship Earth at Epcot ®. The award-winning actress is the fourth star to bring her voice to the attraction and she does an excellent job getting the guests excited about space and their journey through it.

Eric Idle – The British comedian, actor, singer and songwriter Eric Idle will take you on a wild journey at Journey Into Imagination and show you the world through the eyes of, well your imagination! We couldn’t think of a better star than the Monty Python actor to take us out of reality while we tap into our own imaginations.

Patrick Warburton – Prior to soaring over California in Soarin’ at Epcot guests will be greeted by actor Patrick Warburton in a pre-show film. Warburton serves as your pilot for the ride and gives you instructions on how to wear your seat belt and adjust your straps for the journey high in the sky.

Mickey Mouse – And as with any park in Walt Disney World ® you can see the most famous mouse at Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot ® Character Spot. Mickey and his friends are happy to break from making their innovations to snap a photo and sign an autograph for you so make sure you stop by.  For more ways to see celebrities at Epcot ® look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.