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Watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks can be one of the most magical moments during your Walt Disney World trip, but it can also be one of the most difficult if you do not have a good vantage point. Luckily Orlando Fun Tickets has watched Wishes Nighttime Spectacular and many other fireworks shows from several different areas to bring you the top five places to watch the fireworks. Here they are:

Front of Cinderella Castle – It is no surprise that one of the best spots to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks is right smack dab in front of Cinderella Castle on Main Street USA. This vantage point not only gives you incredible views of the bursting lights above the Castle but it lets you look at Cinderella Castle in a whole new light, quite literally. Be careful not to get too close to Cinderella Castle. Thanks to the Castle’s perspective distortion that makes it look taller than it is, the closer you are to the Castle the shorter the fireworks will explode above the structure. A good rule is to stand equal with or behind the Partners statue.

Behind Cinderella Castle - Since Disney guests typically want to watch Magic Kingdom fireworks as they look at the gorgeous Castle there aren’t too many people who gather behind it. But viewing it from behind the Castle makes the show just as spectacular with maybe a little less of a crowd.

End of Main Street – If you’re tall or don’t mind anybody standing in front of you, the end of Main Street offers an excellent view. Again, just like in front of Cinderella Castle, the end of Main Street ensures you get superb views of all of the fireworks. Just make sure you don’t go too far back. When you do, buildings will begin to obstruct your view.

Hotel Balcony – If you happen to be staying on Disney property, particularly Disney’s Contemporary Resort your balcony might just be the best place to take in the gorgeous Magic Kingdom fireworks. Nothing beats being able to have a seat from the comfort of your own room while you watch something so magical.

Dining with Fireworks – There are many restaurants that offer incredible views of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks while you eat but our favorite is California Grill. Located on the Contemporary Resort’s 15th floor, this is the perfect place to watch Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. The restaurant offers an outdoor viewing deck as well as additional views from the wall of windows inside the restaurant. Make sure you book a reservation around the fireworks time. If you can’t make it for that time just book a reservation for sometime that night. You can always return to the 15th floor observation deck to view the fireworks.

Wherever you decide to watch Magic Kingdom’s many fireworks make sure you do so with discounted Walt Disney World tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.