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The Best of Halloween Horror Nights 22

Heading into its third horrific weekend at Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Nights 22 is proving to be just as terrifying as ever with seven haunted houses, all-new street experiences, scary shows and plenty of gory food to keep you fueled for your next torturous adventure. And with so much to see and do and run from, Orlando Fun Tickets has pulled together the top Halloween Horror Nights 22 experiences to ensure you get the most screams out of your night.

As we head full force into October, Halloween Horror Nights will become increasingly more busy, which in turn means the wait times for haunted houses could be on the rise. And since haunted houses are the major drawl to the annual scare fest we recommend getting in “The Walking Dead” haunted house line first because it is already one of the most popular houses at Halloween Horror Nights 22.

Based off of the hit AMC television series “The Walking Dead,” this haunted house offers tons of flesh-eating “walkers” and plenty of iconic sets and gruesome touches from the series. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll instantly be transported to Georgia as you follow Rick Grimes’ journey as he awakes from a coma in the hospital to a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. And even if you’ve never even heard of the show, this haunted house will both scare you and have you watching “The Walking Dead’s” Season 3 debut on Oct. 14.

Also, if you want to be startled by flying and swinging gargoyles in superb makeup and costumes, don’t miss Gothic; the entrance is by Twister the Ride.

As far as shows go you don’t want to miss the return of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. A totally rad show, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure returns to Halloween Horror Nights with more laughs, awesomeness and parodies on today’s actors, music and pop culture. Nobody is safe from these two dudes!

Scares zones are taken to the next level at Halloween Horror Nights and all-new street experiences filled with vampires, prisoners, warriors, beasts and more terrifying creatures will tense up the night, as it’s one giant scare zone you can’t escape. The Dark Legions of Horror will keep your heart pounding. So chilling, you almost don’t even have to enter a haunted house to get your screams in!

Food may be the last thing on your mind as you run from a blood-sucking vampire or dodge the undead but Halloween Horror Nights 22 is offering some pretty unique and downright ghastly food bites you can only find at the scary event. Twisted Taters, which are a whole potato spiral-cut, deep fried, seasoned and placed on a stick that are among the food options you have to try. They’re a perfect in between haunted house snack that will give you the energy you need to keep running!

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