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Your worst nightmare is certainly coming true at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. From terrifying haunted houses filled with pure evil to scare zones where the undead look for blood, sinister live shows and other unspeakable thrills Halloween Horror Nights 2013 is keeping guests up at night. And if this sounds like something you want to be a part of Orlando Fun Tickets has come up with the top Halloween Horror Night scares so you too can live your nightmare!

Let’s start at the An American Werewolf in London haunted house where you will encounter beastly werewolves who want nothing more than to tear you apart. What’s even more terrifying than running from blood-hungry animals is the fact that the actual werewolves in this haunted house are pretty life-like. Thanks to animatronics your encounter with the ghastly creatures will make you do a double take and then have you screaming your head off as they pop out of walls, showing off their sharp teeth as they devour some not-so-lucky visitors.

What’s scarier than taking a trip to a cabin in the woods with your friends and then accidentally unleashing demons nearby in the woods? How about experiencing that evil in person in the haunted house Evil Dead. As you enter this haunted house it will feel like you are actually in the movie. Through special effects and projections, this maze is the most technologically saavy of the haunted houses at this year’s event, and it’s also the goriest. As you try to calm your racing heart from all of the gruesome scenes be on the lookout for the girl in the cellar. You’re probably familiar with the part in the movie where a little girl pops up from the floor boards covered in blood wearing an eery smile. Well she’s come to Universal Orlando and she’s just as terrifying here as she is in the film.

If you’re brave enough to keep checking out Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses then head over to the Cabin the Woods house and look for the elevator scene. Just like Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods is based off a recent horror film where friends all journey to a shack in the woods but this time they are unknowingly a part of someone’s gruesome game. From the moment you enter this house you will start screaming. Just like in the movie you will come in contact with some pretty creepy characters but it is the bloody elevator scene that is by far the creepiest. You are warned not to get into the elevators but you walk through the blood-soaked hallway and here the ding of the doors opening. And that’s where you’ll find several characters like a crazed clown that pop out of the elevator doors one after another. There are also numerous dead bodies strewn on the floors. It’s pretty scary and if that’s what you like you’ll love it!

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