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It is no surprise to hear that SeaWorld Orlando is a global leader in the zoological community. With their world-class standards of care, state-of-the-art animal habitats, and commitment to animal welfare, the Orlando aquatic park is all about supporting the animals of the world. That’s noticeable in their many programs that help educate guests on the sea’s many different animals and their natural habitats. Let’s take a closer look at some of those programs:

Beluga interaction Program – Animals lovers will delight in this incredible Beluga Interaction Program with one of SeaWorld Orlando’s most beloved animals – beluga whales. Here guests will actually enter the water in wetsuits alongside the highly sociable white beluga whales where they will be able to touch them as animal care specialists share some techniques they use to communicate with the gentle mammals. This rare and intimate animal encounter will give you a better understanding of the amazing Arctic and its animal inhabitants and because of this it’s the reason it makes our top SeaWorld Orlando Programs.

Feed the Dolphins – At Dolphin Cove, SeaWorld Orlando guests will not only be able to marvel at the gorgeous Bottlenose Dolphins but they will actually have the opportunity to feed them too with Feed the Dolphins! Dolphin Cove at Key West is one of the largest interactive dolphin pools in the world. Here, guests can watch as Bottlenose dolphins splish and splash both above and below the surface before getting the chance to feed them.

Dine with Shamu – Perhaps Orlando Fun Tickets’ favorite SeaWorld Orlando Program is incredible dine and see program, Dine with Shamu.  That’s because it is with this program that guests actually get to see SeaWorld Orlando’s commitment to the care and preservation of sea animals and our ocean’s resources up-close in a unique setting. Dine with Shamu not only provides guests with a rare view of SeaWorld’s most popular animal but serves up sustainable, organic and locally grown food while being entertained by Shamu.

The Dine with Shamu menu features sustainable, organic, seasonal or locally grown ingredients that aim to minimize environmental impacts to animals and their habitats. Here’s a sample of what you can enjoy during your dining experience:

• Slow Roasted and Smoked Chicken

• Yellow Rice with Creole Shrimp

• Herb Crusted Strip Loin of Beef

• Certified Sustainable Seafood

• Seasoanl Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

• Fresh Breads baked daily

• Signature Desserts

Kids can also enjoy their own sustainable foods with the Kids Buffet featuring:

• Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

• Chicken Nuggets with Dipping Sauce

• Hot Dogs

• Mac and Cheese

• Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables