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There’s no denying water rides at Orlando theme parks typically have longer lines in the summer months. And if that water ride offers a splash that could cool you off or even get you soaked, those lines are even longer. That’s because it’s downright hot in Orlando right now and splashing around or getting splashed by water this time of year is pretty spectacular. So Orlando Fun Tickets has researched and gathered all of the information to give you the top splash drops at Orlando theme parks. Enjoy!

SeaWorld Orlando

Journey to Atlantis – A trip to Atlantis has never been as wet as it is at SeaWorld Orlando. This exciting flume ride/roller coaster hybrid takes guests through watery passageways to the sunken city before it spits you down a scream-worthy plunge into the waters below. Along the way you will get wet and you’ll be glad you did!

Walt Disney World ®

Splash Mountain – There is a reason it is one of Walt Disney World’s ® most popular attractions. With singing critters, swamps, meadows, the antics of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox and a 5-story splashdown it’s both entertaining and refreshing. In fact the attraction includes 950,000 gallons of water, 3 dips and an incredible drop at the end where you’re sure to get wet. And if you’re watching from the bridge you might want to find cover as the water usually splashes over onto onlookers.

Islands of Adventure

Jurassic Park River Adventure – Just like in the movie, this water ride takes you through a forest filled with prehistoric dinosaurs. All seems well until you are suddenly bumped off course and into the Raptor Containment Area. The power to the fence is down and raptors lurk in the shadows. Your only escape is an 85-foot-plunge in total darkness. You won’t see it but you’ll feel the water as it washes over you as you fall to the bottom!

Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls – This is the first flume ride to send riders plummeting below the water level. It also boasts a 75-foot drop beneath an “exploding” dynamite shack. Couple that with a hilarious story involving Dudley Do-Right and his faithful horse and you have a splash-tastic good time that will have you looking for a dry pair of clothes.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Tanganyika Tidal Wave – There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a cruise along the beautiful stretch of African river country. But things don’t stay relaxing for long on this ride as the river falls out from under you and you drop 55 feet into the waters below. As you fall you are smacked with a monstrous tidal wave drenching you and any bystanders.

Stanley Falls – There is nothing dry about this flume ride. In fact, riders will start out soaked as they endure splashy twists and turns before encountering a 40-foot drop to the base of Stanley Falls. If you don’t want to get soaked you might want to purchase a poncho prior to boarding!

Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

Gator Falls Flume Ride – You can even stay cool and enjoy the thrill of a coaster at the zoo with Tampa Lowry Park Zoo’s Gaotr Falls Flume Ride. Here you’ll batter raging waters, a 30-foot-drop and even a hungry crocodile waiting for you at the end. And just like the rest of our splash drop rides, this one will get you soaked and feeling refreshed.