Top Things to Do

Water totems in Adventureland at Disney's Magic KingdomSummers in Florida are serious business. The steamy temperature and stifling humidity can make even the most loyal Disney ® fan want to stay home. But what’s a summer vacation without at trip to Walt Disney World ®? To ensure you stay comfortable this summer here are the top spots to cool off at Walt Disney World ®:

At Magic Kingdom ® you can take a splashy ride on Splash Mountain and experience both an indoor air conditioned portion of the ride as well as a giant spray of water as you fly down the giant drop at the end. And you don’t even have to ride the flume ride to get wet! If you just stand at the bridge below the final drop you’ll definitely get drenched and be cooler in no time! There are also plenty of cool mist sprayers in several locations including the Cool Scanner in Tomorrowland and the Tiki’s Adventureland that not only mists, its squirts too!  And speaking of squirts, the Camel in Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride spits water every minute or so.

For more rides and attractions that take you out of the hot sun and indoors make sure to stop at Pirates of the Caribbean, where you’ll feel cool from the moment you step into the dark queue to the very end of the ride. And you might even feel a little splash during the gentle drop on the ride. While normally a ghastly ride, The Haunted Mansion during the summer time turns into a welcome cool off spot as you ride in air-conditioned comfort the entire time.

At Epcot ® cool mists near Ellen’s Energy Adventure and at Test Track’s Cool Wash give you a little relief from the hot sun, but if you really need time to cool off; Ellen’s Energy Adventure is about 45 minutes long and very cool.  Over by the Imagination Pavilion in Future World, the sprays coming from the dancing fountains can offer a water break between rides.  We’ve also seen kids standing in the way of these jumping water spurts to get really refreshed!

And with hours of fun including Soarin’, Living With the Land and more inside at Epcot’s ® The Land Pavilion, you can stay out of the sun the entire day if you’d like while still enjoying a little Disney ® magic. Same goes for the Innovation buildings.

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios ™ by the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, there’s an umbrella prop mounted on a lap post from the famous Singing In The Rain scene with Gene Kelly that sprays water when you hold the umbrella and step on a medal plate on the sidewalk. Another cool spot is in front of the Backlot Tour.  The Backlot Tour vehicle that burst out the building’s façade spays water and the giant Coca Cola bottle right in that area sprinkles some mist, but if you want to get a little more refreshed; the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure has a wet play area for kids and adults to cool off.  For more non-wet option, you can also sit down in air-conditioned comfort at The American Idol Experience or chill out on the thrilling ride Tower of Terror.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® also provides plenty of misting stations for you to cool of and replenish in between rides. And for a little of that air-conditioning we keep talking about there are two live indoor shows to cool off in – The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo – The Musical.  In Asia by the monkey exhibit, there is a mushroom fountain and kid’s play area full of squirting fun that’s sure to be a hit with the heat.

Keep your cool at Walt Disney World ® this summer, and look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.