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Best desserts at EpcotIf you’re a foodie and you want to mix your time at Walt Disney World ® with equal parts food and fun there is no better park to visit than Epcot ®.  Thanks to decadent dishes from around the world, Epcot ® can satisfy every craving, especially if your cravings are for sweet sugary, buttery and flaky treats. If you can’t skip the dessert menu or walk into a bakery without indulging your sweet tooth here are the top sweet treats (and places to find them) at Epcot ®:

Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie (France Pavilion) – A sweet treat has never been as decadent as it is in this traditional French bakery. The sugary smells will lure you in no matter where you are in the France Pavilion and once you’re inside you’ll have a hard time choosing which gorgeous dessert will stop your mouth from watering. Here are a few of our favorites: chocolate croissant, crème brulee, cream puff, any of the fruit tarts, chocolate éclair, or napoleon. If you really want to tap into the rich flavors of these sweets try them with a glass of champagne!

Funnel Cakes (American Adventure) – There is nothing quite like a funnel cake. They are easily the most popular theme park/fair treat, so it’s no surprise that they make our list for top sweet treats in Epcot ®. Disney ® knows how much funnel cakes are loved that’s why they created a special kiosk that only sells the indulgent cake and at Funnel Cakes you can dress up yours with powdered sugar, fruit, ice cream or chocolate sauce.

Tangierine Café (Morocco Pavilion) – Tucked away in this café is a Pastry and Café bar that offers an assortment of mouthwatering pastries, one of which is Baklava. If you’ve never had Baklava it’s a sweet combination of honey, butter, and nuts wrapped in a flaky phyllo pastry. Hungry yet? Tangierine Café does an excellent job creating this rich, sweet treat and offers three different types to try including walnut, pistachio and cashew.

Karamell Kuche (Germany Pavilion) – If you don’t like caramel you won’t like Karamell Kuche in the Germany Pavilion. But if you can’t resist the smell of butter, sugar and heavy cream than you need to make a stop at this delectable shop. Just like Le Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie in the France Pavilion, it’s hard to choose our favorite sweet treat here. There is so much to choose from we recommend sampling it all! Get your caramel fix with caramel apples, turtle candies, dark chocolate covered caramel, caramel covered popcorn, chocolate and caramel strawberries, pecan bars, rice krispies treats, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel marshmallows and so much more!

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