Top Things to Do


With the opening of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios and the usual crowds that hit the parks this time of year you can almost guarantee that Universal Orlando will be a busy place very soon. With that in mind Orlando Fun Tickets has come up with a few top tips to get you through your adventurous day.

Tip #1 - Eat a big breakfast – This may sound more like a tip for a marathon than a theme park visit but with all of the walking, riding and screaming you’ll be doing throughout the day you’ll want to be sure you tank up in the morning. An Orlando Fun Ticket favorite breakfast spot nearby Universal is Hash House A Go Go. Serving up everything from Griddled French Toast to Eggs Benedict and more Hash House A Go Go is the perfect spot to grab a delicious and filling breakfast before your busy theme park day. 

Tip #2 - Get there early – If you do stop for breakfast make sure you do so early. You’ll want to arrive at Universal Orlando when the park opens if not earlier to beat some of the usual summer crowd. This tip is especially important when Diagon Alley opens.

 Tip #3 - Tackle on one park per day – Since there are two parks to enjoy at Universal Orlando it is easy to buy park-to-park tickets and hop around from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure but if at all possible try sticking to one park per day so that you get the most out of each park. Tackling two parks in one day is exhausting and you spend much of your day just trying to get to the other park instead of enjoying the fun.

Tip #4 - Hit the outdoor rides if there’s rain – If it happens to rain on your theme park outing don’t immediately pack up and leave. Florida rain showers don’t last long but they do stop people from going on water rides. As long there isn’t lightning (you won’t be allowed on the ride if it is) take advantage of the short lines for these rides and get in a few good splashes. It is also important to keep rain gear in your car should you need it. You don’t want a little rain shower to stop you from enjoying the rides. Cheap ponchos can be found at any one of the tourist gift shops along I-Drive. 

Tip #5 - Do water rides either early or late in your day - And speaking of those water rides make sure you ride them either first thing in the morning and then change right after or later in the day when you can just leave the park afterwards. You don’t want to spend your day roaming around the park in soaked clothes.

Tip #6 - Try not to snack too much – We’re not saying to not enjoy a snack or two - especially the Butter Beer at Islands of Adventure and a Big Pink donut at Universal Studios - but try to limit your munching so that you can enjoy one of the newer restaurants in CityWalk. One of our favorites is Antijitos!