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Tryout at American Idol Experience at Disney WorldImagine standing on stage as the lights shine down over your face and a crowd screams your name waiting for you to deliver the greatest musical performance of your life. That’s exactly what you’ll experience and more when you visit the American idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ®.

Walt Disney World ® guests can experience all of the glitz and glamour of the hit television show “American Idol” with this unique interactive experience that makes you feel like you’re actually performing on the show. And just like in the real show, guests will have to prove they have what it takes to become an “American Idol” with live auditions before a producer, so they can be cast in the production. If the producer decides you have what it takes to be a star, you’ll be whisked away to hair and makeup for a quick makeover before being paired up with a vocal coach who will help you utilize your voice to its max potential. When you’re ready you’ll hit the stage to perform in front of a live audience (other Hollywood Studios guests) and a panel of “American Idol” judges. And yes, those judges really are judging you, as is the rest of the audience so make sure you give it your all!

If the audience likes you and votes you in you’ll have the rest of the day to rest up your vocal chords before one final performance at the end of the day in the grand finale show. And here’s where the experience gets really exciting! Not only do you get to show off your talents one more time in front of a live audience and “American Idol” judges but if the audience votes you best singer of the day you’ll receive a Dream Ticket and get a guaranteed reservation at a an actual regional audition of the “American Idol” TV show!

The American Idol Experience is open to Disney ® guests age 14 and up. Since “American Idol” is limited to participants in the 16 to 28 age group if the winner is under 16 they can transfer their pass to a friend or family member or hold on to it for future Idol competitions.

If your singing abilities aren’t quite Idol material you can still partake in the excitement of the experience by helping choose your favorite singer and voting on them for winner of the day. The American Idol Experience has been visited by American Idol personalities from Ryan Seacrest to our new American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, and now it’s your turn to catch a great tune from a possible upcoming star!

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