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Water Rides at Orlando Theme Parks

Water isn’t just for drinking anymore. Orlando theme parks have created some of the most amazing uses of water through ways you never thought possible! From leaping waterfalls to a 5.7 million gallon fish tank and even frozen landscapes, here are the top water spectacles at Orlando theme parks:

Universal Orlando:

Poseidon’s Fury- If a ride ever has Poseidon (the Greek God of the Sea) in its name there is bound to be some water elements involved. And when you couple “Poseidon” with “Fury” you know the ride is going to be downright explosive! This unique ride takes guests deep into the ruins of the ancient Temple Poseidon where you’ll suddenly be trapped underneath the sea caught in the middle of a battle between Poseidon and Lord Darkenon. Throughout the battle, huge explosions of water erupt around you and the ride uses water tunnels and water screens with video to really bring home Poseidon’s fury!

Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular- Universal Studios’ newest show, the Cinematic Spectacular combines iconic movie memories from the past 100 years mixed with choreographed water fountains lights and lasers. The classic film clips are all projected onto beautiful waterfall screens as colorful, synchronized fountains explode into the air.  Halloween Horror Nights 2012 has its own horrific version of the show, and while the scenes may change the waterfall screens and fountains remain the same. 

Walt Disney World ®:

Jumping Water fountains – (Epcot ®) – Water fountains have never been as playful as they are at the jumping water fountains at Epcot ®. Watch as fountains leap from one spot to the other and try and guess where the water will go next. Make sure you don’t forget to take in the mini jumping fountains behind them.                                                       

The Seas with Nemo & Friends - (Epcot ®) – Take a journey under the sea with Nemo & Friends and explore tropical reefs, discover ancient shipwrecks and meet stunning sea creatures all while trying to find Nemo. Towards the end of the ride you’ll get to experience the Finding Nemo characters in a real-life fish living 5.7 million saltwater tank! It’s part of Disney magic. 

Legoland Florida:

AquaZone Wave Racers- This water-centric ride takes guests on a speedy water adventure as you zip in and out of waves. It’s the water that makes these racers move. Also, the blast buttons around the outside of the ride are for onlookers who want to give riders a little splash.  Timed perfectly, you can really have those Wave Racers guests soaked.

Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show- This unique show takes guests on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas as water skiers try to take back Lake Eloise from pirates. The show also has an interactive element that allows kids to get in on the water fun by grabbing hold of the show’s soakers and soaking the pirates.

Miniland USA- Throughout the seven themed areas in Miniland U.S.A., there are interactive buttons that animate the settings in the different areas. Feel free to push away, but be careful some of those buttons might get you wet! 

SeaWorld Orlando:

Wild Arctic- This frozen adventure puts you high above the treacherous frozen peaks of the icy north. As you explore the animals that live in the arctic you’ll be able to leave behind a piece of yourself as you make a handprint impression on a slice of cold iceberg. This part of the attraction is located by the Beluga Whale.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin- Coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2013, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will take guests on a one-of-a-kind adventure through the sights and sounds of Antarctica all through the eyes of a penguin. Along the way, you’ll ride a through the icy waters of the region and actually feel the cold of the frozen continent!