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Wreck-It RalphDisney’s ® newest animated movie “Wreck-It Ralph” doesn’t hit theaters until Nov. 2, but if you’re planning a trip to Downtown Disney ® this weekend you don’t have to wait that long to take in what is sure to be another Disney ® hit. 

This Saturday, Oct. 20 Downtown Disney ® will host a “Wreck-It Ralph” Family Game Day Meet-Up where families can enjoy a very special sneak peek screening of the film, tons of games at DisneyQuest and plenty of family fun all day long!

The festivities kick off at 9 a.m. at DisneyQuest, where guests can enjoy the complex’s five floors of arcade games and gaming activities including the debut of the “Fix-It Felix, Jr.” video game from the film, game competitions, and more. After getting your fill of video games you can head to AMC Downtown Disney 24 for a screening of “Wreck-It Ralph,” which doesn’t actually debut until Nov. 2.

Other activities for “Wreck-It Ralph” Family Game Day Meet-Up include:

• A new “Wreck-It Ralph” photo opportunity at DisneyQuest

• Free popcorn and soda during the movie

• “Wreck-It Ralph” 3D chalk art

• Game trivia with prizes

• Special medal for attendees

If you can’t make it to Downtown Disney ® this Saturday you can still get your “Wreck-It Ralph” fix in November at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ®. Disney ® recently announced the park is incorporating a “Wreck-It Ralph” character meet-and-greet once the film debuts.

The meet-and-greet, located inside “The Magic of Disney Animation” will transport guests into the animated film as they step through Game Central Station. As they head toward the meet-and-greet they’ll catch glimpses of the various games from the film. Including ‘Sugar Rush’ where Vanellope and Ralph are waiting to meet fans at the finish line.

The film tells the story of Wreck-It Ralph, an arcade game villain who rebels against his villain role. Wanting to prove he can be the hero, Ralph, who has spent 30 years as the villain, escapes his game and decides to jump from video game to video game, helping the other characters in the games. Along the way he meets fellow misfit Vanellope Von Schweetz and together the two unlikely characters save the day from an arcade collapse.

Don’t miss the “Wreck-It Ralph” sneak peek this weekend at Downtown Disney ® and the new “Wreck-It Ralph” meet-and-greet at Hollywood Studios coming in November.  You can find discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.