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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley at Universal Studios is generally a happy, magical place but amidst the thrilling rides and attractions and innocent wizardry is a little dark magic. In between your Hogwarts Express ride and Escape from Gringotts Bank you may happen upon a mysterious passageway labeled Knockturn Alley, where you will find the darker side of Harry Potter.

No matter when you visit Knockturn Alley, you’ll instantly be transported to a dark, dreary and cold (Yes cold. It is actually colder here than the rest of Diagon Alley) place where skeletons, spiders and sinister spells dwell. Universal has done an incredible job turning the fictional and ominous Knockturn Alley from the Harry Potter books and films into a real life eerie place where posters of Death Eaters cover the walls and talking heads won’t stop chattering.

The new interactive wands that make things come to life in the rest of Diagon Alley do so here too but in a more disturbing way. If you use an “incendo” spell you can make a bird explode, while another spell makes a skeleton dance, and another sends off a surprise blast of air that scares other guests.

Diagon Alley guests interested in the Dark Arts can purchase mysterious merchandise at Knockturn Alley’s store Borgin and Burkes. The store also has Death Eater masks and a full vanishing cabinet, complete with sounds of a chirping bird inside!

The spooky feel of Knockturn Alley at Diagon Alley will surely delight Voldemort and dark wizard fans as well as Halloween Horror Nights enthusiasts. The spookiness you’ll experience when you enter Knockturn Alley, gives guests a Halloween Horror Nights-like feel all year long. There aren’t any creepy beings popping out of the walls or floor in Knockturn Alley but there is a sense of something evil lurking here with the workers of the place playing the part, acting shady and even a little unfriendly.

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