Inside the Ride

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando

Summertime in Orlando may not conjure up images of snow, ice and freezing weather but that’s exactly what you’ll get at SeaWorld Orlando with the recent opening of the new area Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. And the cold atmosphere isn’t the only thing guests can look forward to this summer. A ride, restaurant and 250 live penguins make up the largest expansion in the park’s history. Let’s take a closer look at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

As you come across the new attraction you’ll immediately know you’re not in Orlando anymore. Located at the back of the park, Antarctica welcomes guests with glacier walls that climb into the sky, snow patches on the ground and temperatures that hardly represent a summer day in Central Florida. The new attraction literally takes you to what SeaWorld Orlando likes to call “the bottom of the world.”

There are two entrances into Antarctica. The North side is by far the more impressive side to enter. In the center of the attraction is a spot that marks the South Pole, a perfect photo spot. Beyond that are sculptures of penguins embedded on the rock walls. The penguins are just a taste of what you’ll experience on the new ride that takes you inside a penguin colony in Antarctica.

The heart of the new area, Empire of the Penguin is a unique ride featuring a spinning and sometimes bouncy trip on trackless vehicles through colorful ice caverns. Guests will follow a penguin named Puck on an incredible journey through several trials and triumphs as he dodges blizzards and finds his family. The entire ride is actually seen through Puck’s eyes, so riders get the chance to experience the sea’s many beauties and enemies just like Puck does.

Riders can choose between “wild” and “mild” versions of the attraction. Both glide through the same scenes but on the “wild” version the vehicles spin, bump and even waddle along with the visuals while the “mild” version simply glides through the attraction.

After you ride through a faux version of Antarctica and watch animated penguins swim and play head to Antarctica Penguin Habitat and get the chance to see real penguins waddle in the icy atmosphere. By the time you get to the penguin habitat the temperature has dropped to a chilly 30 degrees. That’s just so the live penguins who inhabit the place will feel completely comfortable and at home. In total there are 250 penguins including gentoo, Adelie, king and rockhopper penguins and you can view them all without standing behind a protective glass wall. That’s right all 250 penguins are out in the open, almost with in touching distance, but please don’t touch! There is a 170,000-gallon saltwater, 16-foot deep, 40-degree pool where visitors can watch the penguins swim.

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