Dinos Alive!

Inside the Ride

Dinosaurs are back! The prehistoric creatures have taken over Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo with the return of the popular outdoor exhibit Dinos Alive!

Lowry Park Zoo guests are invited to travel back in time and walk through the Prehistoric Park where life-sized carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs await. The limited time exhibit features moving, roaring and interactive dinosaur species such as tyrannosaurus, brachiosaurus and suchomimus.

This unique exhibit not only allows guess to see the actual dinosaurs in a way you never have before, extremely up close, but to also experience how they adapted and lived 65 million years ago, as well as why they went extinct. 

Visitors can also participate in interactive dinosaur activities like a fossil fun dig site using their Dinos Alive! Adventure Passport or eating dino-sized food and drinks at the newly revamped Dino Grille. There is also a new show called “Dinos Among Us.”

Dino Alive! is included in regular admission to the Zoo. The exhibit runs daily now through August. You can see and learn more about dinosaurs with discounted Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.