Mine Blower at Fun Spot America

Inside the Ride

If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster, chances are it’s either been made of steel or wood but probably not both – until now. The new Mine Blower at Fun Spot America is a hybrid coaster made of wood and steel, and thanks to its mind-blowing barrel roll, it’s catching the attention of roller coaster enthusiasts everywhere.

The thrill coaster is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Mine Blower keeps things exciting with a rare barrel roll that twists above its loading station. What makes the barrel roll so thrilling isn’t the fact that riders go completely upside-down and then immediately go into steeply banked turns, but rather, the fact that there are no shoulder restraints whatsoever. Instead, riders are kept in place with a curved lap bar and a seat belt. Talk about thrilling.

As if the barrel roll wasn’t exciting enough, the coaster also offers a 115-degree inversion bank, which is the first of its kind on a wooden roller coaster, two tunnels, an airtime of 12 minutes, Zero-G inversion and speeds of 49 miles per hour. It’s all themed to that of a mine with a cartoon dog mascot named Nitro.

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