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Each year the Jungle Cruise at Disney’s Magic kingdom is magically transformed into the Jingle Cruise as the boat ride’s skippers set out on a holly jolly journey across the rivers of Asia, Africa and South America.

Just like last year, the Jungle Cruise Skippers are homesick for the holidays so they have decided to add some holiday cheer to the job site! Guests taking the cruise will come across a queue and boathouse decked out with homemade decorations, gifts and items from back home. Each Jungle Cruise boat has also been temporarily renamed with a holiday moniker and the always funny Skippers are ready to entertain with their seasonal jokes.

As you begin your journey across the different rivers you will notice many of Jungle Cruise’s props have also been covered in holiday decor. There is a plane that crashed, dumping all of the holiday decorations across the rivers, as well as encampments showing off their holiday cheer, residents of the jungle waiting on gifts and much more holiday fun.

Last year, the Jingle Cruise’s new restaurant, the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen, was under construction during the Jingle Cruise but this year you’re invited to enjoy a festive tropical cuisine. The jungle-themed restaurant with flavorful dishes from Asia, South America and Africa

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