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icarly, Miranda Cosgrove at Universal Studios' Summer Concert Series

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate these carefree months than with a concert that is not only wildly entertaining but easy for the entire family to enjoy!  The Summer Concert Series lineup at Universal Studios features a different concert every Saturday night as an added bonus to your fun-filled day riding rides and exploring the park.  The cost of the concert is covered in your admission ticket to Universal Studios or two-park pass to Universal Orlando. Either way you go about it, when you leave the concert, you’re sure to leave the park with a big smile on your face.

Over the course of the summer, there will be a wide range of performances from the likes of ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down, Al Green, and Josh Turner. 

The newest addition to the lineup is Disney Channel’s Miranda Cosgrove, better known as iCarly, makes an appearance on the Summer Concert Series lineup on July 14th, dazzling audiences with her catchy tunes and bubbly personality.  Did you know she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records 2012 for being the “Highest paid child actress”?  $180,000 per episode, not too shabby for a 15 year old! 

If you’re looking for a more urban performance you could catch the Lupe Fiasco concert on July 7th.  His hip hop single, “Kick, Push” that dropped in 2006 was a fresh hip hop sound that knocked listeners off of their feet...and his concert does exactly that.  His innovative sounds and fresh urban beats leave audiences of all ages bobbing their heads and singing along.  

But the biggest night of all is coming up fast!  On June 16th, this Saturday, ZZ Top is teaming up with 3 Doors Down to deliver a rockin’ performance!  ZZ Top has 40 years of concert experience under their belts and like a fine wine, they are only getting better with age.  Pair them up with one of the most popular rock bands of the 1990s and you’ve got an entertaining summer evening filled with soulful tunes and satisfied fans.

So, when you inevitably visit the ever-exciting Universal Studios this summer, make it on one of those nights that you can enjoy some of the most celebrated music of yesterday and today.  Introduce the kids to some of the sounds of Al Green or ZZ Top that shaped your childhood.  Or, catch the iCarly performance and let the kids teach you a thing or two about the pop music of today.  Whichever you choose, the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy themselves at this low maintenance yet highly entertaining concert. 

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