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When you create a movie about animals you have to research said animals. This is exactly what the production and film crew did for the upcoming Disney animation film, “Zootopia” and now you’ll be able to experience the extensive behind-the-scenes work done for the movie in the new “Zootopia” attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In order to create the metropolis of Zootopia and its many animals, the filmmakers spent 18 months studying animals and their habitats. Their research brought them to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in March 2014, where they worked closely with the park’s animal care professionals.

“Research is such an important part of every animated film we make at Disney, and for ‘Zootopia’ our research began at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to meet with some of the best animal experts in the world,” “Zootopia” producer Clark Spencer said in a statement. “Everything that we learned about animal behaviors, personalities and movement our artists incorporated into the world of ‘Zootopia,’ and to now be able to share those discoveries and influences with the guests at the park is truly a full circle moment.”

The “Zootopia” Exhibit opened January 29 inside Conservations Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Disney guests can also get a sneak peek of the upcoming 3D film at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which puts the current finale of Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream on a brief hiatus for this special occasion.

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“Zootopia” opens in theaters on March 4 in 3D.