Top Things to Do

Orlando has recently uncovered some ancient animal fossils. Guests to Central Florida can now see those fossils for themselves with unique exhibits, interactive centers, dig sites and more throughout Central Florida. If you have a budding paleontologist in your house or just a curiosity for bones here are the top places to find fossils in Orlando:

Skeletons: Animals Unveiled – The first-of-its-kind museum in Orlando, Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! lets you look at the skeletons of more than 400 real animals. Each skeleton is placed in clever never-before-seen poses and dioramas giving you a better understanding of each animal and how they moved and survived in nature.

Jurassic Park Discovery CenterUniversal Orlando invites guests to unearth the planet’s prehistoric past in the hands-on interactive activity center Jurassic Park Discovery Center. Here you will get to see the fossilized remains of a T-rex as well as test your DNA to see what kind of dinosaur you would be, visit the nursery and examine dinosaur eggs and even watch a baby velociraptor hatch eggs.

The BoneyardWalt Disney World puts guests right in the middle of a dig site at The Boneyard. Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, The Boneyard is an open-air play space that looks exactly like a dig site, and inside is actual prehistoric discoveries! Young paleontologists can learn more about the world of dinosaurs through a maze of bones where you’ll have the opportunity to unearth the remains of a Wooly Mammoth, Triceratops and T-rex. In addition there are also rocks to climb, creaky bridges to cross and mysterious caves to explore.

Ripley's Believe It or Not – It’s the only place in Orlando where you can see an actual shrunken head. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is home to several odd and unusual things, but nothing is quite as fascinating to look at than the Tibetan decorated shrunken head and other shrunken heads in the museum’s collection. You’ve seen animal fossils at all of the other attractions. Now it’s time to see a real skull!