Theme Park News

SeaWorld Orlando is adding some new fun next summer with the addition of the water ride, Infinity Falls. The river-rapids style attraction will feature a 40-foot drop from a lift, the tallest river ride drop in the world, as well as many other thrills.

“We are constantly looking at new ways to amaze our guests – Infinity Falls will do that, and more,” said Jim Dean, President of SeaWorld Orlando Parks in a statement. “From the excitement of the thrilling rapids, to the unique vertical lift element, it will be an adventure that appeals to the entire family. Infinity Falls continues our commitment to investing in our park, and developing new ways to entertain and inspire our guests with meaningful, fun-filled vacations.”

The ride follows the story of explorers in an Amazon-like rainforest who build a village around the rivers and invite guests to learn about conservation efforts and challenge those brave enough to test out the thrashing rapids.

SeaWorld Orlando Designers were inspired by the rainforests of South America and the flowing rivers found within. Riders will twist and turn through a lush jungle environment as you feel the exhilarating Class IV rapids before taking a vertical elevator up the diving 40-feet into the river below.

Infinity Falls will be the centerpiece of a new rainforest area, which includes animals native to South America, as well as other interactive, educational activities.

Infinity Falls is scheduled to open Summer 2018.