Top Things to Do

Busch Gardens Tampa may be known for their thrilling roller coasters, but the park is also home to some exotic animals from all over the world. What’s even more exciting is that there are several animal encounters that allow you to get an up-close view of how these animals live. Here are the top 5 animal encounters at Busch Gardens Tampa:

  1. Tiger Enclosure – The Tiger Enclosure in the Jungala area of the park is by far one of the most thrilling animal encounters in Busch Gardens Tampa. Here you can get as close to a tiger as possible. In fact, after taking a small flight of stairs you will actually be inside the tiger’s exhibit, behind a very strong plexiglass of course. The tigers don’t seem to mind this at all and will often lie down right in front of the glass. 
  2. Walkabout Way – Walkabout Way is one of several Busch Gardens exhibits where you can feed the animals. What’s exciting about this encounter is that you can feed some pretty exotic animals like kangaroos and wallabies! Just purchase cups of grass and the kangaroos and wallabies will be waiting for you! The area also has helpful signs teaching you how best to feed the animals.
  3. Lory Landing – Lory Landing is a unique bird exhibit that invites guests to step inside the enclosure and experience the many colorful birds inside. At Lory Landing there is nothing that comes between you and the birds. Get ready to have them land on your shoulder, your outstretched arm and whiz past your head. 
  4. Serengeti Safari Tour – We can’t mention animal encounters at Busch Gardens Tampa without mentioning the popular Serengeti Safari Tour. This tout transports you to the Serengeti Plain where you will enjoy up-close encounters of zebras, giraffes, and ostriches. It all happens in an open-air truck, where animals like giraffes have been known to stick their heads inside! The Serengeti Safari is an additional purchase from regular Busch Gardens Tampa admission.
  5. Cheetah Run – Cheetah Run allows you to encounter just how fast a cheetah really is as trainers put them through paces at least once a day. While they aren’t speeding around the area you can take in their majestic beauty as they relax in the natural habitat.