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There is nothing like stumbling across a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It may not seem like anything on the outside, but inside is a menu filled with mouth-watering dishes you’ve only dreamed about. Yellow Dog Eats is that hole-in-the-wall restaurant, except its outside is just as charming as the meals it serves inside.

Located in Gotha, Florida near Windermere, Yellow Dog Eats is a diamond-in-the-rough establishment you’re likely to stumble upon during your travels. The rustic venue serves up salads, sandwiches, tasty starters and a lot of barbecue. And while that menu may seem simple enough, there is nothing simple about Yellow Dog Eats dishes.

Let’s start with Yellow Dog Eats’ BBQ because it is so outstanding and there is so much of it! Combining the popular meats of BBQ like pulled pork with non-traditional ingredients like gouda, Yellow Dog Eats has created some of the most decadent BBQ dishes ever including the Club Elvis, tender pulled pork topped with pecan-smoked bacon, Gouda cheese, fried onions and topped with Fish’s Gold BBQ sauce.  When you take the Club Elvis and add smothered homemade beer-cheese soup and scallions you’ll get The Drunken Pig. The Hong Kong Fuey is yet another of Yellow Dog Eats’ unique BBQ meals and includes pulled pork piled with toasted coconut, chopped peanuts, pickled onions and jalapenos, drizzled with peanut sauce and finished with scallions and carrots.

Yellow Dog Eats is also home to some pretty scrumptious sandwiches including the hilariously named Holy Crap Sandwich. Named by a friend and customer who after trying the sandwich proclaimed, “Holy Crap!” the Holy Crap Sandwich is made up of honey mesquite roasted turkey, avocado, pecan-smoked bacon, goat cheese, red onions and basil mayo served on multi-grain bread. Another favorite is the Kitty Kat made up of solid, all white Asian marinated albacore tuna, sun dried cranberries, smoked Gouda cheese, caramelized onions, leaf lettuce, sunflower sprouts and orange Cointreau mayo.

There is also a salad or two in Yellow Dog Eats food repertoire that you absolutely must try including the Curry Chicken Salad, an all white meat curry chicken salad served with toasted coconut, fresh mango chutney and toasted granulated peanuts. If you like BBQ on your salad try the Pulled Pork Salad - field greens, grape tomatoes, red onions, scallions, carrots, red peppers, sun dried fruit & nut blend, bleu cheese crumble, crispy fried onions, spicy pickles, cucumber slices and sunflower sprouts topped with Yellow Dog Eats famous pulled pork, then drizzled with jalapeno ranch and Fish’s Gold BBQ sauce.

If you’re heading to Windermere anytime soon make a stop at Yellow Dog Eats for a lunch you won’t forget!