Adult Favorites at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Not only is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park not a zoo, it’s also not a place just for children! While the Disney Parks may have a great way of making you feel like a kid again, these four theme parks and two water parks are great for either family vacations or just for an all-adults getaway. Need further proof? Just check out the attractions, shows and restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park that seem as though they were made just for the over-18 set!

The Yak & Yeti Restaurant, the first full-service restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, was added to the park’s lineup in 2008 and has quickly become a favorite for adults here. This Pan-Asian-inspired restaurant located next to Expedition Everest houses both a 250-seat indoor full-service restaurant with a 350-seat outdoor pavilion for patrons who would prefer the adjacent quick-service dining option. Don’t let this restaurant’s rather unusual name discourage you from tasting the fine delicacies on the menu, all of which were inspired by Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian cuisines. No matter how delectable the dishes are, the atmosphere is second to none inside of the full-service establishment, as authentic souvenirs and artifacts direct from Southeast Asia adorn the walls and establish the mood inside the restaurant, making it a perfect escape from the hectic world that lies just outside.

Another perfect escape for adults is the Festival of the Lion King. This critically-acclaimed live stage show features dancers, singers, characters and larger-than-life puppets of Simba and Pumba to re-create the story of “The Lion King.” With many of the hit songs performed during this 30-minute performance, the Festival of the Lion King has a little something for everyone – romance for adults and lots of interaction for children. Overall, this is one of the must-sees at the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

While the Yak and Yeti restaurant and Festival of the Lion King show are perfect for adults, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the park’s most popular attractions as well. The most popular, and most thrilling, attraction at the park is Expedition Everest, a high-speed train adventure that takes guests through the 20-story towering Forbidden Mountain in search of the Yeti. Another ride that packs plenty of thrills is not far away in DinoLand U.S.A. If you are tough enough to survive the yeti, adults will have no problem with DINOSAUR, an attraction that sends guests on a prehistoric mission to find and bring back a dinosaur to the present time before a giant meteor hits the Earth!

Perhaps the most unique attraction at this park doesn’t use high speeds or even characters to entertain guests as some of the above attractions do. At the Kilimanjaro Safaris, the animals themselves become the main attraction as this guided adventure takes guests through over 100 acres of re-created African terrain to see animals such as giraffes, zebras, rhinos and elephants roaming freely.

If you think the above attractions, eateries and shows are all a great reason to check out Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, just wait until we sweeten the pot even more! By purchasing your discounted theme park tickets from, you not only get to see these adult favorites firsthand – you get to see them at a cheaper price!