Cost Saving Tips at Disney

Going on vacation can be an expensive endeavor for any family, no matter where you’re going. But if you are planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort anywhere else in Central Florida, there are tips you can use to make your trip the most cost-effective it can be. To see all of the best tips for saving money on your next vacation, keep reading below!

  • Get Your Tickets Early – If you’re indeed coming to the Orlando area for vacation, then chances are that you are planning on attending one or more of the theme park resorts in the area. This can be a pricey endeavor for any family, but it doesn’t have to be! If you purchase your tickets prior to your vacation right here at, you can save your family bundles of money! Orlando Fun Tickets is your No. 1 online source for discounted tickets to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, local dinner shows and other area attractions. With many ticket options to choose from and the lowest prices you will find anywhere, is the best place to start planning your vacation.
  • Choose a Prime Date – Once you have your tickets in order, it is time to decide when to book your vacation. This may not seem like an important matter, but it can save you hundreds on hotel rooms and airfare just by altering your vacation to a non-peak time of year. The busiest times at all of the tourist destinations is all major holidays, along with Spring Break (generally the entire month of March), the summer months (from the end of May until the end of August), the entire week of Thanksgiving, the last two weeks of December, and the first week of January (Christmas and New Year’s). If you do plan on visiting during these times, you can not only expect to see higher prices, but longer waits for rides and at restaurants as well. 
  • Book a Hotel – With your tickets and time of year decided, the next logical step for vacation planning is to book your hotel! If you’re coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, you have two options: staying on site or off site, and both have their benefits. If you stay off site, you can generally find lower rates. But, if you stay on site, you have access to free transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport and to and from all the parks and attractions at Disney (not to mention all of the other perks associated with staying on property, such as Extra Magic Hours), meaning that you wouldn’t have to rent a car if you did not plan on leaving Disney’s grounds. And, just because you’re staying at Disney doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of dough – with four value resorts on property with reasonable rates per night (a little more or a little less, depending on the time of year), you can still stay at Disney and not break the bank!
  • Disney Dining Plan – If you do decide to stay at one of the Disney resorts, you can take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan, which allows each member of your family to pay a flat fee and have one snack, one quick service meal and one full service meal every day of your vacation. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, this can be a great way to save money on food while at Disney!
  • Rent a Fridge – Whether you do or don’t decide to add the Disney Dining Plan to your package, you might want to consider renting a fridge to put in your hotel room. For just a day, you can store many items such as drinks, milk or sandwich items so that your family has the option of eating in. If you have a rental car and can make it to an area grocery store, this would be an especially wise investment!
  • Eat Outside the Theme Parks – If at all possible (and you don’t have the Disney Dining Plan), eat outside of the theme parks. Breakfast is an easy meal to eat before you set off on your day, and a quick afternoon break back to your hotel can save you lots of money on lunch. Restaurants in the parks tend to be much higher than those outside the parks (especially those off property), so try to eat as many meals as possible outside of the parks. You can also bring in snacks and water bottles to fill up with you inside the theme parks, so pack accordingly!
  • Budget, Budget, Budget – Finally, set a budget! We all find things inside the parks that we would love to take home as souvenirs, but if each member of your family has a budget for what they can spend on “extras” throughout the trip, it may make them think twice about spending it on a certain item. If everyone on the family is on the same page about what they can and cannot spend, you can also eliminate many arguments, as your children will already have their expectations set about their spending limitations.