Entertainment at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

While Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park may not have a nighttime spectacular like the other parks due to the animals, that does not mean there are not ample entertainment options throughout this theme park. In fact, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park has two of the highest-rated shows at the entire Walt Disney World Resort, including the Festival of the Lion King, which many believe is the best production on Disney property.

The Festival of the Lion King is a critically-acclaimed live stage show features dancers, singers, characters and larger-than-life puppets of Simba and Pumba to re-create the story of “The Lion King.” With many of the hit songs from the movie performed during this 30-minute performance, the Festival of the Lion King has a little something for everyone – romance for adults and lots of interaction for children, making it one of the must-sees at the entire Walt Disney World Resort. This isn’t the only entertainment option in the area, however, as there are many other entertainment options in the park that are sure to keep you happy.

Another one of the ‘oldie but goodie’ shows at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is Flights of Wonder located in Asia. This 25-minute live show features human bird handlers and over 20 species of trained exotic birds, including vultures, hawks and the American Bald Eagle, some of which fly over the audience during this production.

DinoLand U.S.A. also has its fair share of entertainment between its street acts and the newest entertainment addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Finding Nemo – The Musical. Before you go ‘under the sea’ with Nemo and his friends to re-create the story of the hit Disney-Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” with a combination of puppetry, special effects and an entire musical score produced just for this attraction, be sure to check out the street acts in the area.

As we mentioned before, this theme park may not have a nightly show, but it makes up for it with a vast array of unique entertainment options throughout the day. To see and experience all of these performances, shows and more for yourself, the only thing you need is a simple theme park ticket! And while you have multiple options of tickets, we at OrlandoFunTickets.com can help you sort out which ticket package would work best for your family! And, best of all, we can do it at a discounted price! So get started by purchasing your discounted theme park tickets today from OrlandoFunTickets.com.