Expedition Everest

Since its opening in April of 2006, Expedition Everest has become the flagship attraction for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and with good reason. From its intricately-detailed queue area to the 20-story towering ice-capped mountain itself, Expedition Everest is a high-speed train adventure that is sure to top any thrill-seekers’ list!

The story of this attraction is explained as you enter the attraction; it’s just up to each guest to take the time to discover it. After passing through the mythical village of Serka Zong, guests learn that the yeti is the protector of this mountain and is engrained in its lore. This fact is reinforced as guests enter the yeti museum, which serves as the main queue area for the ride. These actual artifacts that were brought over all the way from Asia tell tales of the Yeti and prove the creature’s existence to researchers.

Once through the museum, guests are ready to board the ride’s vehicles, which have 17 rows of cars that seat two and are themed as the Anandapur Rail Service. That is where the fun just starts, however, as riders embark on the adventure with a steep, uphill climb that begins the trek through the mountain. Ahead, guests travel at high speeds in and around the icy canyons of Mount Everest, even roaring backwards after coming upon a part of the track that has been torn at the hands of the yeti. But before guests plummet 80 feet to safety, they will come face to face with possibly the most lifelike Audio Animatronic character on Disney property – the yeti (or Abominable Snowman) himself!

As can be expected with a ride of this magnitude, lines for this attraction are long virtually any time of the day (and all year long). So, this ride would be a good one to take advantage of Disney’s FastPass Service, which allows guests to get a special FastPass ticket that in turn gives them a certain time to return and bypass the regular standby line. Or, if you want to experience this attraction immediately, you can also go through the single rider line, which usually takes significantly less time (but will split up your party, so be prepared to ride alone if you choose this option!).

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