DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park at Downtown Disney West Side

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DisneyQuest® is an indoor interactive theme park located in the Downtown Disney® Area, one of the best dining, shopping, and entertainment centers in Orlando. This 5-story arcade features over 250 different Disney-themed arcade games, interactive exhibits and simulators that kids and adults can enjoy all day long. It's the perfect place to go during inclement weather and once you buy your DisneyQuest® Indoor InterActive Theme Park ticket, it won't expire until the day you use it!

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DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park
DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park adults can have as much fun as their kids. This interactive wonderland has over 250 different high tech attractions and is housed in a 5-story building in Downtown Disney's ® West Side. DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park is the perfect place to get away from the theme parks and take a break from the crowds while still enjoying plenty of Disney fun. An assortment of virtual-ride simulators, high-tech games, and hands-on activities provide hours of excitement. Lines are pretty short for most of the attractions and the games here provide hours of fun for the entire family.

If you are coming to Orlando during the rainy season, make sure you get tickets to this awesome attraction that is still fun no matter what's going on outside. If you are a college student, a 50 year old tourist, or a 5th grader, there is something for everyone at DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park!

DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park great environment only Disney knows how to provide. With hundreds of classic arcade games to high-tech virtual reality simulators and interactive, this is the futuristic House of Mouse. Upon entering DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park at the ground level, you will enter an elevator, or "cybrolator" that takes you up to the center of the third floor which is known as the Ventureport - where the journey officially begins. From a build-it-yourself virtual roller coaster to a Pirates of the Caribbean interactive battleship adventure; DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park has so much to see and do, you will want to come back on your next Orlando adventure.