Teen Favorites at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The Walt Disney World Resort may advertise itself as a family vacation destination, but that doesn’t mean that only parents and small children can have fun at this nearly 40-acre paradise. In fact, Disney has paid close attention to detail throughout its four parks, two water parks and the entertainment district so that every age group can have something to keep themselves entertained throughout their entire stay.

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As we mentioned earlier, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park may be full of things for the entire family to do, but there are certainly many things for teens at this exciting and educational park. First and foremost, any teenager with a wild side will love the park’s two main thrill rides, Expedition Everest and DINOSAUR. Both offer very different, yet exciting, experiences for guests; while Expedition Everest takes guests on a wild roller coaster ride through the icy Mount Everest (which includes riding forward AND backward) on a search for the Yeti, DINOSAUR is a more non-conventional thrill ride, taking guests back through pre-historic times to come face-to-face with dinosaurs – and a meteor that is threatening to strike the Earth!

If your teen would rather stay a little closer to the ground (or a little closer to this century), you are still in luck. Attractions such as the 3-D show It’s Tough to be a Bug, the lesser-scale spinning roller coaster of Primeval Whirl in DinoLand U.S.A. or Flights of Wonder, a show featuring trained exotic birds, are all still viable options for the teen in your family. If all else fails, there are also walking trails all throughout the park with glimpses of rare and endangered animals that seem to be a fan-favorite among any age group.

If your teen is coming along on your next family vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort, you can assure them that there are many fun things that lie ahead for them besides meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You can also be sure to save your family lots of money on vacation as well if you use Orlando’s largest ticket store, OrlandoFunTickets.com, to purchase your discounted theme park tickets!