A Guide to Roller Coasters and Ride Technology

Amusement parks annually are one of the best places for families to go and have a good time. Parks range from small operations that may have a few different rides, games and attractions to huge complexes that can take days to see all of the park. People go to amusement parks for a variety of reasons. Some go for the food, some go for the games and others go to see some of the music and other attractions that are at the park. However, the vast majority of amusement park visitors go for the various rides, but especially roller coasters.

The roller coaster has become one of the most popular rides at any amusement park. There are many different types of coasters, but the first one was patented first in 1885, but original concepts for a type of coaster has been traced back to the 17th Century built into the side of a Russian mountain. However, from those fundamental rides roller coasters have evolved into complex rides that we know and love today.

The roller coaster of today can either be riding on wooden or metal tracks with dramatic changes in direction and speed. The sudden changes delivers an adrenaline rush to the riders that becomes one of the reasons rollers coasters have become one of the most popular attractions in any park. Roller coasters such as The Cyclone in Coney Island, NY, The Racer in Kings Island, Ohio and the Expedition Everest coaster in Disney World in Orlando, Florida are some of the most popular rides in the United States.

While the rides take passengers on edge of the seat riding experiences where the feel like they will be flying off the track at any time, through well calculated use of physics, the rides are designed with safety in mind. All rides are tested on a regular basis and all of the parts are examined for wear. In addition, the cars of the rides are all equipped with safety features that are all tested on a regular basis. Both the physics of the ride and the safety equipment are in place to ensure that the riders will have a breath-taking, but safe riding experience.

To learn more about roller coasters, we have put together the following information.

History of Roller Coasters

Types of Roller Coasters

Technology and Physics

Coaster Safety

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Famous Roller Coasters