A Guide to the State of Florida for Kids!

Florida was originally claimed for Spain in 1513 by Ponce de Leon, an explorer searching for the Fountain of Youth. Florida spans 58,560 square miles and became a U.S. state on March 3, 1845. It was the 27th state. Florida only borders two other states: Georgia and Alabama. Both are located to the north. Currently, over 18 million people live in the state of Florida. Its capital is Tallahassee, but the cities of Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando are also well-populated. Florida is a popular place to visit for many reasons. One is the beaches, especially those in Miami, Tampa, Daytona and the Keys. Another reason to visit Florida is the family entertainment. Orlando is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, Aquatica Water Park, the Everglades National Park and the Kennedy Space Center.

Have you ever heard the term “Florida oranges?” The fruit goes hand-in-hand with the state of Florida because it responsible for growing most of the oranges in the United States. It shouldn't be surprising that their state flower is the Orange Blossom. The State’s nickname is the Sunshine State with respect to its pleasant weather. It has several state symbols. One of the most known is their state animal, which is the Florida Panther. Their state bird is the Northern Mockingbird, their state insect is the Zebra Butterfly and their state tree is the Sabal Palmetto (also known as the Cabbage Palm). In addition to these standard titles, they have a state marine mammal: the West Indian Manatee. They also have a separate state reptile. Florida is notorious for its alligator population so it only makes sense that their state reptile is the American Alligator. The state song is “The Suwanee River” by Stephen Foster. The song is also known as “Old Folks at Home.”

Florida is a state with a rich history. It has a lot to offer its residents and tourists alike. There is a lot more information about Florida that is just waiting to be discovered. Visit the following websites to learn more about its history, geography, climate, symbols, places and even some completely different topics.

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