Child on a raft in the Ketchakiddee area at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon (Photo: Walt Disney World)

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Typhoon Lagoon is one of two incredible water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. While there are lots of thrill rides and slides for the older kids, you may be surprised to find out that there's also plenty for the little ones in your family as well – it is a Disney water park after all! Here are 5 fun things for toddlers and preschoolers at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon!

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Ketchakiddee Creek Slides
The best area for little kids and preschoolers at Typhoon Lagoon is called Ketchakiddee Creek. Parents can spend hours with their kids here since it's packed with all kinds of aquatic activities made just for them. The area includes scaled-down versions of water slides that are just their size. These small scale slides are the perfect starter rides to help prepare them for riding bigger ones when they grow up. Parents will appreciate the slides' short length, making it easy to keep an eye on them while they play. Plus, kids get the chance to feel brave sliding down on their very own inner tube rides.

S.S. Squirt Tugboat
Also found in the Ketchakiddee Creek area is the tugboat named S.S. Squirt. Man your battle stations and take aim with one of the water-cannons located on the tugboat or along the perimeter behind fort walls. It's every kid for themselves when you're engaged in all-out water combat! This kid-friendly area also features caves for exploring with cascading waterfalls, a sandy beach perfect for building sandcastles and fun music playing in the background, just for children.

Castaway Creek Lazy River
Grab your inner tubes and head to the lazy river for a relaxing drift along this 2000-foot-long path through misty rain forests, hidden grottos and more. Castaway Creek is open to kids of all ages as long as they remain in their raft. Inner tubes are provided to all guests and are available in different sizes, so you're little "castaways" are covered. Kids love the forest misters and cave sections on the river, while grown-ups enjoy the relaxing retreat from the hustle of your vacation! Let your worries drift away as you drift along.

Gang Plank Falls
For brave little kids there's the Gang Plank Falls family raft ride. Up to 4 people sit inside a giant inner tube for this rapids ride. There's no height or age requirement, so as long as your child can sit on their own and hold onto the handle straps they can ride. The raft takes you on a winding path by drenching waterfalls, under wooden bridges and through rocky caves. While there aren't any drops and it doesn't go very fast, the water can get a bit choppy out there, so keep that in mind before riding with the little ones in your gang.

Crush 'n' Gusher Pool
While the Crush 'n' Gusher slides are definitely meant for the older kids (48 inches or taller,) the leisure pool in that area is a nice place to swim no matter your age. Like the park's wave pool, this pool is zero-entry, which makes the shallow areas near the front perfect for the little ones to practice swimming. Without having to worry about thrashing waves like there are in the wave pool, you can all enjoy swimming together in this one to three foot deep pool.

In addition to all these great activities, the little ones in your family may also get the chance to meet characters like Lilo and Stitch. Check the times guide at the park entrance to find out where and when their favorite characters will be meeting for the day. Also, don't forget to stop by Happy Landings or Snack Shack for a pail of ice cream! It's super fun to share on a hot day, and when you're all done eating, you'll have a bucket and shovel perfect for playing in the sand! has exactly what you need for an incredible time at Walt Disney World: great deals on tickets!