Use these tips to help you get the max score on Buzz’s signature ride (Photo: Walt Disney World)

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Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is home to some of the most exciting out-of-this-world adventures in Walt Disney World, including Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. On this interactive shooter ride, kids of all ages become honorary Star Cadets, and are tasked with helping Buzz Lightyear defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. We've got 5 tips to help you score the most points possible during your awesome space adventure, so you, too, can be a Galactic Hero!

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Check for Accuracy
As soon as you're seated in the ride vehicle, place your hand in front of your blaster and fire it a few times. Take note of where the red dot is in relation to the gun barrel. Often times the laser blasters are not perfectly calibrated, so testing it before the ride actually begins can save you precious time that could better be spent scoring points. If your laser is firing a little to the left, keep that in mind during the ride and adjust your aim accordingly. Also, there is no penalty for missed shots, so keep that trigger held down the entire ride. You'll even earn a small amount of points for every shot you miss!

Steer to Victory
These vehicles come equipped with a joystick that allows the two passengers to steer it left or right during the ride. This is great for lining yourself up to better face the targets you want to shoot. The ride doesn't allow you to steer in all of the rooms, but when it does, you should definitely take advantage of it. Often times you may find it is easier to face backwards and shoot targets after you've already passed them. Another tip is to start shooting at targets (especially the high-value ones) that are up ahead in the next room, before you even enter it.

Where to Aim
Remember, to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg you must aim for the "Z" insignias wherever they appear. Try to find targets that no one else is aiming for to increase your chances of scoring. You can keep hitting the same target too, so if you find one that is easy to shoot at and it's earning you a lot of points, keep shooting at it! Most of the time the smaller targets, or ones that are furthest away, will be worth the most points. Don't get too caught up on trying to hit a target that's out of reach, though, as that can waste precious time. In the very last scene, you can aim for Zurg's "Z" on his costume as your last chance to score some extra points.

Highest Points
There are three targets that are each worth 100,000 points! The maximum score possible on the ride is 999,999, so if you hit these targets a few times each you'll get there in no time. The first high-value target is on the left hand of a giant red robot on the left side of the first room. Next, quickly steer to your right and fire at the big claw as many times as you can. After this first room you should already be halfway to your goal! The volcano targets in the next room are worth 50,000 points each. In the next room you will encounter Zurg in his ship. Hit the "Z" target at the very bottom-middle of his ship for 100,000 points. Shoot it as much as you can before leaving the room!

Galactic Hero
It may take some practice to earn the max score of 999,999, and even a little luck, but once you have mastered the ride you'll be able to call yourself a "Galactic Hero." You should never give up, and always keep aiming your blaster around during the ride. Even in the scenes where it looks like there aren't any targets, there may be some hidden that you don't notice. Plus, you're always getting points just for shooting, so never let up. If you reach the max score, be sure to tell the Cast Member at the photo area in the gift shop for your free official Galactic Hero badge. Wear it with pride the rest of the day, Space Ranger!

To infinity and beyond – and Walt Disney World!