Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

Inside the Ride

Men in Black: Alien Attack is a massively fun interactive shooter ride at Universal Studios Florida. On the attraction, you help Agent J save the city from a ship full of alien bad guys that crash landed during your training. Shoot the aliens to score points, and if you're good enough, you too can be a Galaxy Defender. It may be tricky to get that coveted max score of 999,999, but it's not impossible! Here are our top 5 tips to make sure you'll be the best, of the best. Good luck, rookie!

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Hold Down That Trigger
Whether your seat is equipped with a standard issue agent sidearm or the smaller, noisy cricket, you can hold down the trigger the whole ride! There's no need to hurt your finger firing over and over again. Not only will your weapon fire continuously, which means you'll have a better chance of hitting more targets, but you'll actually score extra points just for firing! Since you're not scored on accuracy, what have you got to lose? Now of course, you will need to aim at something, which brings us to our next tip.

Aim for the Aliens Up High
Sure those nasty snarling aliens on the ground are easy pickings, but the real score is up high. Aim for aliens in the windows around the city for a much higher score than more obvious targets. And if you find one that's giving you a lot of points, keep hitting him again and again. Keep your eyes peeled for glowing eyes too. They can be hiding anywhere. Sometimes you may see glowing eyes in the trees or on the side of a building. Let the other players worry about the aliens on the ground, you've got the sky covered.

Smaller ALWAYS Means More Points
The smaller the target, the better. In addition to finding little glowing eyes in parking meters, windows and even movie posters, you should fire at any tiny aliens you may see. Where can you find the little guys? Look at the table of hats for sale and every time one of the hats gets lifted you'll see the tiniest of aliens underneath. They're worth a whole lot of points. Another good one to keep a look out for is the small guy in the trash can that tips over towards you. If you look real hard you may even find Frank the pug hiding at the newsstand near the beginning of the ride. He's worth a ton of points too.

Aim for the Fusion Exhaust Port
"What are you waiting for an engraved invitation?" After Zed scans the other vehicle for bugs you'll want to shoot their fusion exhaust port as soon as possible. It's the blinking blue light above their car. This will cause their car to spin, give you lots of points, but most importantly, it will keep them from hitting yours and causing you to spin. Be on the lookout for little alien eyes on the walls to shoot while the other car is spinning, but when they stop – hit them again. And again!

Push the Red Button
Okay, you may have been warned not to, but you should definitely press the red button, but only when it's time. When you're staring the gigantic alien bug right in the face, near the end of the ride, is the ONLY time you need to press the red button. It's located right under your gun holster. Don't press it until you hear Zed tell you to. He will say "Only one thing left to do, press the red button." When he starts to say the word "push" you start pushing. Push it over and over again rapidly just to be sure you get it at the right time. If you push it first, you'll earn a bonus 100,000 points!

Follow these simple tips and you'll not only beat the other car every time, but you'll earn your car the special ending to the ride where you're presented with the Men in Black suit and glasses. Of course keep in mind that "it'll be ready next Wednesday.”

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