Splash Out at Legolando Water Park FloridaIt’s only been open for a week now, but already Legoland Water Park is making waves with its splashy rides, attractions and play areas. Central Florida’s newest water park is chalk full of the water slides, rides and pools that make any water park a success and today we’ll take a closer look at one of Legoland Water Park’s most exciting and perhaps most popular rides – Splash Out.

Legoland Florida may not be known for the biggest thrill rides in Orlando (the park is geared towards children aged 2- 12), but this water park has imagination, ingenuity and rides that are fun for all. Splash Out is one of those rides and with a 60-foot-drop down one of three unique slides, it’s no wonder it is quickly becoming the most thrilling water ride in the park.

Splash Out begins with a trip up to the very top of the Legoland Water Park. Once at the top don’t look down, unless you aren’t afraid of heights because the view can be dizzying and that’s before you even board the slide. After taking in the surrounding park from your bird’s-eye-view, riders will choose from one of three slides – a dark blue enclosed slide, a light blue slide and the green slide.

If you aren’t claustrophobic and like the thrill of not knowing where the ride will take you make sure you choose the dark blue enclosed slide. This speedy slide will sling guests around pitch black twists and turns that offer no outside light or any indication what kind of excitement you’ll experience next. The only time you see the outside is when you’re splashing into the end of the slide at the bottom!

For a less dark slide to the bottom try the light blue slide. This slide offers some humps and bumps that give it a completely different feel than the dark blue enclosed slide, yet still makes for a thrilling and somewhat turbulent ride that shoots you out for a splashy finish.

But for the biggest splash of them all, the green slide is the one to try. It may not be as scary as the dark blue enclosed slide but with rapid speeds that thrust you down and out in a matter of seconds, the green slide just may be the most thrilling of all three slides. The green slide must be the inspiration behind Splash Out’s name because you’ll definitely make the biggest splash as you slide down at the bottom!

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