“The American Idol Experience” attraction at Walt Disney World recently celebrated its first year of operation in February 2010. And now “The American Idol Experience” is celebrating the success oamerican idol experience at Walt Disney Worldf one of its top vote-getters—Aaron Kelly! The 17-year old singer from Sonestown, Pennsylvania, who began his “American Idol” journey at the Disney Parks attraction, advanced to the Top Five in the finals during season nine of the “American Idol” show.

“The American Idol Experience” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is the first and only theme park attraction in the world based on the hit show “American Idol”. At the attraction, guests age 14 and older can audition before Disney producers and directors to see if they have what it takes to perform on stage that day. If the guest’s try-out is successful, they are guided through performance coaching sessions, cosmetology and stage rehearsals to prepare for their big moment on the theme park stage. Winners of the “American Idol Experience” will then perform live to a hit tune in the theme park’s 1,000 plus seat theatre.

Just like on the real “American Idol” show, judges provide critique and audience members determine who will advance to the attraction’s final show that night. At the grand finale, the top vote-getter is awarded a “Dream Ticket” that allows an eligible guest to schedule a front of the line audition at one of the regional auditions for the “American Idol” show.

This is exactly how Aaron Kelly began his road to stardom.

In February 2009, only four days after “The American Idol Experience” opened, Kelly performed for park guests and judges. As he passed the audition stages and received the most votes at his preliminary show, Kelly performed a rendition of the Lonestar hit song, “Amazed.” Kelly’s interpretation of the popular song earned him an “American Idol Experience” “Dream Ticket” which allowed him an audition for the ninth season of “American idol”

From there Kelly utilized his “Dream ticket” and scheduled his audition in Orlando, FL. Now Kelly is a Top Five finalist on “American Idol”. Walt Disney World and the “American Idol Experience” couldn’t be more proud.

“American Idol” was put on Entertainment Weekly’s end-of-the-decade list saying, It’s given us Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry and J Hud. Idol rules the reality rules because the winners of Fox’s ratings judgment actually do go on to greatness…”

Kelly is well on his way to musical greatness as he competes for the top spot on the popular television series. And it all started at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios with the “American Idol Experience” attraction. You too can make all your dreams come true as the “American Idol Experience” doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.