For an underwater eating experience head to SeaWorld's Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar (Photo: SeaWorld Parks and Resorts)

Food for Thought

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most beautiful theme parks in Orlando, with colorful gardens, serene waterfalls and of course a wide variety of stunning sea life. Between the entertaining shows and thrilling coasters, why not sit down for a meal where the environment around you is just as fulfilling as the food served? Here are some of the best places to dine with a view at SeaWorld Orlando.

Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar
Amazing food with an incredible view, the Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar has it all! Enjoy panoramic views of the massive shark aquarium in this upscale full-service restaurant. Serving world-class entrees featuring the best from the ocean and the land, Sharks Underwater Grill has been recognized among the best of the best restaurants in Orlando, winning several awards and topping survey lists. Whether you're looking for a romantic meal with your special someone or want to create a magical memory for your family, you can't beat a stupendous meal with a window into the world of sharks.

Dine with Orcas
One of the most unique dining experiences in all of Orlando is SeaWorld's Dine with Orcas experience. Your family will enjoy a delicious full-service meal, seated right beside the killer whales, and watch the specialized care they receive in their home every day. Entrees include Traditional Roasted Turkey, Brown Sugar Pork Loin, Pan Seared Salmon or one of the specialty pasta dishes. Plus, there's a buffet that's just for kids with chicken nuggets, hot dogs, veggies and fruits. After your meal you'll get an up-close view of the killer whales and the relationship shared between the animal care specialists and these majestic animals.

The Spice Mill
For an all-American quick-service meal on the waterfront, The Spice Mill in the center of the park is a great choice. Your family can select from burgers, salads, or the famous Spice Mill Club while enjoying waterfront breezes on the outdoor patio. On a hot day you can relax inside the air-conditioned dining room with picture windows overlooking the water. The Spice Mill is perfect for families of any size, offering food options for every taste. Kids love the mini burgers, and everyone loves the wide selection of desserts. Plus, everything here is part of the All-Day Dining Deal, which makes ordering a breeze.

Waterway Grill
Another fantastic quick-service choice, the Waterway Grill serves up appetizing dishes inspired by regions from the Amazon. With unique meals you won't find anywhere else at the park, the Waterfront Grill offers entrees like Grilled Churrasco Steak, Adobe Roasted Chicken and Seasoned Pork—as well as sides that are the perfect compliments including Black Beans & Rice, Sweet Plantains and Cheese Empanadas. Enjoy your Latin-inspired meal with spectacular views of guests plummeting down the world's tallest water raft ride drop on Infinity Falls outside.

Captain Pete's Island Hot Dogs
If you're just looking for a quick bite, Captain Pete's is one of the most relaxing spots for a snack. Located in the tranquil Key West area, you can kick back and listen to the tropical tunes while dolphins splash and play in the background. While known for his hot dog platters, Captain Pete also offers crispy chicken tenders and heaping baskets of toasty tater tots.

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