The ‘Toy Story’ crew is looking festive, from infinity to beyond (Photo: Walt Disney World)

“Hey howdy hey,” and happy holidays from Toy Story Land in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios! For Toy Story Land’s very first holiday season in Andy’s Backyard, the area got the merriest of overlays, with special holiday touches all over the land.

The Christmas cheer starts as soon as you walk into Toy Story Land, with the giant Woody that greets you there donning a festive scarf for the occasion. Buzz, Jessie and Woody have also donned their best holiday attire for their meet-and-greets as well, with Woody and Jessie meeting together in Christmas-themed vests, and Buzz wearing a Santa hat.

Balancing atop the blocks in the Middle of Slinky Dog Dash, Jessie and Rex are already holding a string of Christmas lights that are there year-round, but Rex managed to find his cardboard antlers he wore in the holiday short film Toy Story That Time Forgot. If you take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash to get a closer look at Rex’s holiday antlers, you’ll also hear jingle bells as you zip along your way, keeping you in the festive spirit.

My personal favorite part of the holiday overlay is the addition of a couple Christmas songs to Alien Swirling Saucers. Every third song, a techno remix of either “Deck the Halls” or “Up on the Housetop” plays as you spin and swirl your way around the ride, and if you don’t get one of the songs on your ride, it’s definitely worth waiting around outside and listening for one. There’s a special holiday photo op outside of the Swirling Saucers as well – a stack of ornaments featuring your favorite little green men.

The last stop on the holiday tour of Toy Story Land is Woody’s lunchbox. There is another added decoration and photo op outside of a larger-than-life Christmas cookie in the form of Andy’s piggy bank, Hamm. After you grab your photo (but not a bite!) of Hamm, make your way to the Lunch Box, which has its own decorations with a garland of popcorn and cranberries draped over the top. When it’s your turn to order, make sure you grab one of the special holiday Lunch Box Tarts. You’ve got two options: Chocolate Hazelnut with Candied Bacon, or the Cran-Apple Tart. The Chocolate Hazelnut is a flavor that is usually offered year round, but it has a special frosting decoration for the holidays. If you have to choose between the two, I’d definitely lean towards the Cran-Apple flavor, as its just here for the holidays (but if you can, choose both – both is always better).