Use magic paintbrushes to create your own digital masterpiece in Epcot (Photo: Walt Disney World)

Epcot at Walt Disney World is a theme park like no other. From the rich cultures of 11 different countries in World Showcase to an array of Future World pavilions dedicated to concepts such as land and sea, there is a lot to see during an Epcot day! Looking to add a splash of color to your day at Epcot? You’ll want to stop by Colortopia.

Colortopia is an interactive, three-part attraction that can be found inside of the East Wing of Innoventions in Future World. Presented by Glidden, this walkthrough attraction brings color to life in a fun new way. Through three different experiences, guests explore the world of color and discover how powerful these unique hues can be.

Power of Color Theater
The first part of Colortopia takes place inside of the “Power of Color Theater” near the entrance. This unique circular room displays different colors of the rainbow to help relay the emotions that each hue can make us feel. For example, blue makes us feel calm, while red represents a feeling of romance, and sometimes anger. Through narration, music, and sound effects, this room truly comes alive with color.

The Color Lab
The next experience takes place on your way to the final room. Stations within The Color Lab are set up for guests to experiment with the hues of green, red and blue to create specific shades in a fun and interactive game. There are six rounds, and you a have a few seconds to try and match the shade to the color’s description. There is also a second interactive station set up in this area called the Spinning Spectrums. Guests test color perception by spinning multi-colored disks. This activity is fun for a group while waiting for the next activity all sharing the shades of color they see.

Color Our World
The final experience of Colortopia is called Color Our World and they’ve saved the best for last. After learning about color in the first few experiences, this is your chance to get creative. Using a magic paintbrush, guests enter one final room and get to bring blank illustrations to life through their paint color choices. Choose from red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple magic paint buckets as you dip your brush into the fun. As you color in each portion, the story comes to life. At the end, you have the chance to email yourself your masterpiece as a fun keepsake.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into Colortopia? Guests can visit their website,, to take a color personality quiz and other fun activities. So if you’re wandering through Future World looking to try something new, step into Innoventions East and give Colortopia a try.