Take a break and stroll through LEGOLAND's Cypress Gardens and take in all of Florida's natural beauty (Photo: LEGOLAND Florida)

Did you know you can go from walking through incredible LEGO displays to walking through gorgeous gardens at LEGOLAND Florida? When LEGOLAND opened seven years ago, it took over the site of Cypress Gardens, and today guests can still enjoy the beauty of the area with admission to LEGOLAND.

Located on the northern end of LEGOLAND by Pirate’s Cove, the park was once known for its horticultural masterpieces and waterski shows dating back to the 1930s. While there are no longer any shows, you can still stroll through the gardens and take in some unexpected beauty. It’s a great way to relax and introduce children to some of Florida’s natural splendor.

Spotted in the Gardens are several different types of birds. They can often be seen wading along the shoreline, including Great Blue Herons, egrets, ibis, and anhingas. Overhead, ospreys are often circling and watching the lake trying to catch fish, and you might even be able to spot a bald eagle or a roseate spoonbill.

The Gardens also offer some great photo opportunities. Make sure you snap a pic in front of the Buddha garden, the Florida pool and a gigantic banyan tree that is nearly 80 years old.

But perhaps our favorite thing to do at Cypress Gardens is to just relax. In between thrills and model builds at LEGOLAND, Cypress Gardens is a welcome break full of nature and beauty. It’s the perfect spot to make memories with your family.