Universal’s Volcano Bay will open later this month and amongst the thrill rides, attractions and massive volcano will be the park’s island inhabitants – the Waturi.

Universal recently released a video that tells the story of the Waturi and how the volcano island got converted into a tropical theme park paradise. Universal defines the Waturi as “a people in search of the perfect home, led by their hearts and their yearnings for adventure.”

The video explains that long ago the Waturi people set out to look for a new home. There was a legend that said they could only find their new home with the help of as many golden-finned fish called Kanuku. They searched across Pacifica and Polynesia, visiting the islands of Bali and Tahiti and as far as Easter Island. Along the way they made friends, collected the culture and sailed on almost to the edge of the world. There they finally found Kanuku and followed it. Within a day they spotted a smoking volcano on the horizon, which was Volcano Bay.

The island was pristine, beautiful, lush – everything they wanted in a new home. The Waturi eventually settled here, taking with them all of the customs, music and art of the various cultures they encountered along their journey. Today, you will find all of that culture and more as you enjoy paradise.

Volcano Bay is expected to debut on May 25. Come visit the gorgeous island with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.