Make sure to get a photo at the France Pavilion at night when its all lit up (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Hanging in the park after dark is always a good time, and what better way to capture those memories than through photos! If you’ve ever wondered what some of the best nighttime photo spots are at Walt Disney World Resort, we’re sharing some of our favorites with you today.

Tangled Lantern Shot
This PhotoPass spot is easily the most iconic in all of Walt Disney World. Guests have the chance to hold and pose with one of the lanterns from Tangled, and it’s only available in Magic Kingdom after dark! This photo spot can be found near the Tangled restrooms between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, and the line usually begins to form right as the sun goes down. 

Cinderella Castle
If you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom, you’ve got to snap a photo with Cinderella Castle! This park icon is one of the most photographed locations on Instagram, and when you see how it lights up after the sun goes down you’ll be in awe. PhotoPass photographers are stationed up and down Main Street U.S.A., so don’t be afraid to grab more than one photo spot featuring the famous castle.

Spaceship Earth
The sight of Epcot’s park icon always leaves people amazed. From being home to one of the park’s unique attractions to offering a grand and miraculous view to those who visit the park, you’ll want a picture with it during the day and after dark. For a limited time during the PhotoPass 15th anniversary, guests can grab a Magic Shot with Spaceship Earth near the main entrance of the park!

France Fountain
PhotoPass photographers are stationed throughout World Showcase’s many pavilions each day waiting to capture your Epcot memories. One of the most stunning photo spots in World Showcase is the fountain in the France pavilion! As the sun starts to set, you’ll sometimes find a PhotoPass photographer is still stationed there and this is the best time to grab this romantic and stunning shot.

Hollywood Boulevard
As you walk through the main gates of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s hard to not get caught up in the beauty of all the neon lights of Hollywood Boulevard. Each shop down the boulevard comes to life after dark, providing the perfect backdrop for a day at this adventure-filled Disney park!

Millenium Falcon
Walt Disney World’s newest land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, provides lovers of the iconic saga with some great photo spots. Once the sun goes down, the lights come up and the land’s icon, the Millenium Falcon, takes center stage. Whether you’re holding up your Blue or Green Milk for your Instagram story or grabbing a selfie with your friends and family, you won’t want to miss a chance to feature this ship in the moonlight.

Tree of Life
Disney’s Animal Kingdom wasn’t always open after dark for guests, but now that it is it has become one of the best places to visit once the sun goes down on property! The park’s icon, the Tree of Life, lights up each night with tales told to music right on the tree called Tree of Life Awakenings. Seeing the tree aglow in this way will inspire some exciting after dark shots for guests on Discovery Island. Keep an eye out for a PhotoPass photographer is ready to capture those moments for you!

Pandora is truly out-of-this-world, and you haven’t fully experienced this immersive land unless you’ve gone after dark. All of the unique plants and wildlife located in the Valley of Mo’ara light up as the sun goes down, allowing guests to see a different side of this Avatar-themed land!

Walt Disney World is a blast for kids of all ages no matter what time of the day you experience it, but there’s something special about this vacation destination once the sun goes down. The picturesque buildings and lands come to life as the light up, and thanks to these fun after dark photo opportunities you can capture every memory!