Be prepared when going to Disney by reading these books based off the Disney parks (Photo: Disney Doodles/Disney Parks Blog)

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If you are finding yourself in a Disney slump after your last trip to the Orlando Theme Parks or in advance of your next whimsical Walt Disney World vacation, have no fear – Orlando Fun Tickets has you covered. We have selected five books based on the Walt Disney Parks that will satiate your craving for a hint of the magical. Read on.

Disney After Dark: The Kingdom Keepers
By Ridley Pearson
What would happen if you found yourself lost in the heart of the Walt Disney World in the middle of the night – after merely falling asleep? This brilliant, fictional series by Ridley Pearson – The Kingdom Keepers – begins with the novel, Disney After Dark. The book explores a group of high schoolers tasked with saving the beloved Parks from the powers of darkness, embodied by some of Disney’s most wicked villains. Plus, if you have ever been spooked by the dolls in It’s A Small World, you may find some of these chapters particularly appealing – or chilling. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity
By Disney Book Group
Did you know that the engineers who plan out the Walt Disney World Resort have a special name? They are called The Imagineers, and their careers are highly coveted. For many engineers, becoming an Imagineer is the pinnacle of success. To become an Imagineer, however, one needs much more than a degree – and this non-fiction tome helps to explain what else an Imagineer should embody. This book reads less like a guide and more like a self-help book for anyone who has ever identified with the mind of Walt Disney.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets
By Steven M. Barrett 
One “better-kept” secret of Walt Disney World is the smattering of hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes scattered about the resort. Though some are rather glaring and easy to spot, many hidden Mickeys are almost unrecognizable without the help of a guidebook. One great place to start is Steven M. Barrett’s Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets. The book receives regular updates, so keep an eye out for which edition you snag.

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
By The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni 
Unquestionably, the Disney Company has a remarkable dedication to the customer – and their overall experience. The Disney Company’s customer relations have become so famous, in fact, that other companies have come to model the guide used by the Mouse through the sanctioned book, Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service. For the burgeoning entrepreneur or the creative mind, this book is a great selection to find renewed inspiration.

Project Future: The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World
By Chad Denver Emerson
Believe it or not, there was a time in which the Walt Disney World Resort was not synonymous with Central Florida or Orlando. In fact, before the Parks opened, the creation of a follow-up theme park to California’s Disneyland was kept in secret, hidden from the public through pseudonym buyers and hushed dealings. Before your next vacation, discover the hazy past that birthed one of the most desired vacation destinations in Florida through this enlightening book.