Explore the Living Statues Section at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts (Photo: Walt Disney World)

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This winter, trade your forks for paintbrushes and get ready to celebrate the 2019 Epcot Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World. This 28-day festival offers visual, culinary and performing arts. Below is a list of all the must-dos to get the most out of your time at this artistic event. 

Visual Arts
This festival offers galleries featuring Disney artists to view from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Gallery locations include: American adventure, Japan, Morocco, China, Mexico, Norway and the Chalk gallery. 

Embrace your inner artist and be sure to check out the Imaginative activities, which include:
Animation academy (A fun drawing class taught by Disney artists)
Figment’s brush with the master’s scavenger hunt (Search for Figment as he’s hiding in works of art around the pavilion. Pick up a scavenger hunt at these locations: Odyssey Festival Showplace, Pin Central, Disney Traders or World Traveler.
Expression section (a paint-by-numbers mural)
Kidcot fun stops (kids can collect, draw and color activity cards as they travel around the world)

Artful photo ops are also set up throughout the festival. They include masterpiece paintings that acts as photo backdrops to capture your most memorable moments at festival of the arts! These are located throughout the park.     

Culinary Arts
Get ready to embark your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime! If you’re the curious type, there are seminars and workshops offered throughout the park to pique your culinary interest. 

Additionally, there are 7 types of foods to explore as your stroll throughout the festival which include:
The Deconstructed Dish (located in Showcase Plaza): edible classic dishes broken down to their basics 
Cuisine Classique (located in the Germany pavilion): Hearty braised bites with an old-world flavor
The Artist’s Table (located in the American Pavilion): Oven and stove-top technique styled dishes
The Painter’s Palate  (located in the Odyssey Festival Showplace):  Food designed to look like art and taste just as sensational
Pop Eats! (located in Showcase plaza): Modern art-inspired dishes
Decadent Delights (located in the Showcase Plaza): Desserts for artists and foodies alike
The Masterpiece Kitchen (located in the Canada Pavilion): Food- and wine-inspired dishes

Be sure to check out these other showcase locations for even more delectable food: 
Refreshment Outpost (Located between the China and Germany Pavilions)
Taste Track (Located in Future World East)
L’Art de la Cuisine Française (Located in the France Pavilion)
Mosaic Canteen (Located in the Morocco Pavilion)
El Artista Hambriento (Located in the Mexico Pavilion)
Takumi Table (Located in the Japan Pavilion)
The Painted Panda (Located in the China Pavilion)
L’Arte di Mangiare (Located in the Italy Pavilion)
Funnel Cakes (Located in The American Adventure)
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company (located in Future World East, Canada, Showcase Plaza, and the American Adventure)

Performing Arts:
This festival is full of entertainment that is sure to captivate your attention. Enjoy live concert Broadway inspired performances at various stages throughout Epcot. The Disney on Broadway concert series is offered 7 days a week. There are also plenty of live art, international performance acts, acrobatics, living statues and marching bands to enjoy. Be sure to keep an eye out for art in the most unlikely places, sidewalks and common spaces throughout Epcot.  

There is plenty to do for all ages at the Festival of the Arts. You can enjoy all the festival has to offer from Jan. 18th 2019 to Feb. 25th, 2019.