The salted caramel apple crisp cupcake will be to die for at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Life is sweet when you get to spend time at Walt Disney World, but it’s even better when there are new treats to try around the parks! From gender reveal cupcakes to Disney characters and more, this list of new cupcakes around the Most Magical Place on Earth is pretty exciting. With each new cupcake available for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, you can’t go wrong! Let’s dive in and find out what six cupcakes you need to try around the Walt Disney World Resort this month.

Salted Caramel Apple Crisp Cupcake
Caramel and apple lovers, this cupcake is for you! Found at Flame Tree Barbecue on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this cupcake could be the perfect balance for your delicious baked macaroni and cheese with pulled pork. This is a vanilla cupcake with a delicious apple pie filling topped with caramel buttercream, streusel crumbs, a salted caramel drizzle, and one house-made apple chip. Order the Salted Caramel Apple Crisp Cupcake for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan!

Aladdin Cupcake
You’ve heard about the new Aladdin preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Aladdin donut at Magic Kingdom, but you’ve got to check out the Aladdin Cupcake at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort! This cupcake is made with vanilla cake filled with cherry and cheesecake! For decoration, this cupcake is covered in blue buttercream, gold crispy pearls, and a chocolate Genie lamp. You can find the Aladdin Cupcake for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan at The Artist’s Palette!

Orange Bird Cupcake
Springtime is when the Orange Bird always gets some extra love around Walt Disney World. His special sipper found at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival this year was adorable, and the same can be said about this cupcake! This vanilla cupcake is filled with “Florida Fresh Scented Whipped Cream” and topped with a white chocolate mousse. The top of the cupcake is covered a bright orange mound of the white chocolate mousse, a yellow white chocolate beak, a squiggle of green frosting for a leaf, and white crispy pearls around the rim. Purchase your own Orange Bird Cupcake at Artist’s Palette inside Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

It’s A Girl Cupcake
The gorilla population at Disney’s Animal Kingdom grew by one last week with the birth of new baby girl Grace! To celebrate her arrival, Tamu Tamu Refreshments has created a sweet birth announcement treat. This chocolate cupcake is filled with gender-revealing colored crispy pearls, topped with bright yellow butter cream, a green fondant leaf, blue and pink crispy pearls, and an edible candy picture of mama and baby gorilla! The It’s A Girl Cupcake is available for a limited time at Tamu Tamu Refreshments for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Flamingo Cupcake
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is where the wild things are, and this next cupcake is inspired by one of its many animal inhabitants! This Flamingo Cupcake is a yellow cake cupcake filled with a tart pink lemonade curd. It’s decorated with swirly blue and white buttercream to represent water, graham cracker crumbs for land, and two pink flamingos on top made from white chocolate! Keep an eye out for this sweet treat in Creature Comforts next time you’re in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s available for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Mickey Cupcake
We can never get enough of Mickey Mouse while visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth! Fountain View in Future World of Epcot is serving up an adorable new Mickey-inspired treat that’s almost too cute to eat. This Mickey Cupcake is made with a yellow cake cupcake and topped with yellow buttercream, a red dome filled with chocolate mousse and decorated to resemble Mickey’s shorts, and two chocolate mouse ears. Purchase this mouse-tastic dessert for $5.99 or one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan at the Fountain View Starbucks location in Epcot!

As you can see there are new Disney-inspired sweets waiting all over the Most Magical Place on Earth. If you’re heading to Walt Disney World this month, be sure to keep an eye out for these six new cupcakes!