Come celebrate Donald's prehistoric development at Donald's Dino Bash (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Walt Disney World has gone prehistoric. Donald Duck just discovered his ancestors were dinosaurs and he’s celebrating with a dinosaur-themed party in DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As a part of the celebration, DinoLand U.S.A. now has new colorful decor, a late afternoon dance party but character greetings are its primary focus.

Guests can now meet the rarely seen Launchpad McQuack in a new meet-and-greet area. The duck is tall and decked out in aviation gear. Just around the corner is Scrooge in a luxurious meeting area. Donald Duck himself, all dressed up in a feathered pith helmet is located at the area’s new Welcome Center and Daisy Duck has her own design studio/autograph stop that is a must see.

Also at the new Dino Bash are Donald’s friends, Chip and Dale in brightly colored dinosaur-inspired costumes. Pluto is in the DinoLand Boneyard Playground.

All of the previous DinoLand attractions and rides are still in place.

The dinosaur-themed fun continues with the new UP! A Great Bird Adventure Show at the Orlando theme park. Guests can join Russell and Dug from Disney/Pixar’s UP and learn more about bird species from around the world.

Both Donald’s Dino Bash! And UP! A Great Bird Adventure Show recently opened as a part of Walt Disney World’s Incredible Summer. You can experience both prehistoric events with discounted tickets here on Orlando Fun Tickets.