All of the doughnuts offered at VooDoo doughnut are a must-try, especially the Texas doughnut (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Food for Thought

Eight mile? Dirt? Mango Tango? Chuckles? No these aren’t code words. They are some of the best donuts you’ll ever taste!

Originally started in Portland by creators Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon, Voodoo Doughnuts offers a bakery right here in Florida at Universal Orlando CityWalk. A popular classic is the Voodoo doll. It is a cake doughnut shaped as, well, you guessed it, a voodoo doll, pierced with a pretzel stick, filled with raspberry jam and topped with chocolate icing. This doughnut is also one of the bigger doughnuts you can buy so it goes a long way!

But if you’re going big or going home (don’t go home without a doughnut please!) you’ll want to go big, correction, Texas-sized big! The biggest item on their menu is the Texas. This doughnut is equal to SIX regular sized glazed doughnuts. You read that right, SIX.

They also offer” old fashion”, raised dough, shell, and fritter doughnuts. There is something for doughnut connoisseurs of all kinds, including vegans! Voodoo doughnuts offers a baker’s dozen of different vegan options ranging from coconut, fritters, to the classic Voodoo donut!

Voodoo Doughnuts is more than an eccentric name, it’s a flavorful experience for anyone with a sweet tooth!