Learn all about astronauts at Orlando's WonderWorks (Photo: WonderWorks)

As we head into another school year, it’s important to remember not all learning takes place in the classroom. In fact, there are several ways to keep you kid’s mental muscles flexing any time of year. Here are 7 educational attractions to enjoy in Orlando:

Education is turned on its head at WonderWorks. The attraction offers hands-on, interactive experiences that will certainly spark interest in your child. Guests will learn about the effects of Mother Nature, explore flight and outer space, and take in art and all of its uniqueness. You can even add in some math, music and physical activity on the black-lit ropes course and laser tag.

Sea Life Aquarium
Take the learning under the sea at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. The interactive aquarium is home to sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, seahorses, and many more amazing sea creatures in over 350,000 gallons of water. Learn about the sea’s many animals in educational talks in shows like the popular dive show.

Kennedy Space Center
Ready to take off into space education? The Kennedy Space Center will take you through space history where you will learn about each space mission, from the beginning of space exploration to current missions. Plus, get hands on access to spacecrafts and astronaut memorabilia. You will even have the chance to meet an astronaut.

Crayola Experience
Be creative and explore technology and art at the Crayola Experience. Guests can do everything from create crafts to create digital artworks to solve puzzles and even take a break and play on the two-story Color Playground.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not
Believe it or not, but Ripley’s Believe it or Not offers 16 galleries filled with artifacts, educational exhibits and oddities form around the world. The attraction makes for an entertaining and educational afternoon.

Learn more about alligators and crocodiles at Gatorland. The live Gator Jumparoo Show offers interesting facts about alligators and crocodiles including the fact that crocodiles have over 60 teeth! You can also enjoy a gator show or take a ride and enjoy an aerial view of the many gators on Screamin’ Gator Zip Line. Gatorland also houses snakes, tropical birds, wild cats, and tortoises.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology
If you have a budding osteologist, paleontologist or archeologist in your family, Skeletons: Museum of Osteology is the perfect place to visit. Located at ICON Park, the 90-minute experience is home to 500 real animal skeletons ranging from tiny mice to giant whales. You’ll even find human skeletons here.