Epcot® seems to be the newest Disney theme park getting a bit of a makeover. The Disney fan boards have been inundated with rumors about updates concerning the World Showcase Pavilion at Epcot® in the Walt Disney World® Resort. But what exactly are these updates? Or are they all just rumors and an April Fool’s Joke? There are two updates to Epcot® that we can confirm are not rumors: the new pizzeria in the Italy Pavilion and the Cantina de San Angel restaurant in the Mexico Pavilion.

The Italian pizzeria will have fantastic and authentic hand-made pizza just as it’s made in Italy. Special water is being flown in to create the dough so that the taste is as original as possible. When you go to eat at this pizzeria, which will have a beautiful yet casual décor and environment, as do most Disney restaurants, so you can enjoy great food with your family without having to worry about changing to formal attire after a crazy day in the park.

Over at the Mexico Pavillion, the Cantina de San Angel is expanding into a full size restaurant. You can still expect the great food and margaritas, but the menu will expand and you can enjoy the air conditioning in the warmer months and a controlled climate in the cooler months. The food in the Mexica Pavilion is always good and the Cantina de San Angel will be no different.

But is there another country coming to the World Showcase Pavilion? There is a rumor that Disney is handing out surveys to guest asking which country they would like to see added and which they wouldn’t mind seeing removed. People on the message boards were furious Disney would consider removing a country, but we’re here to assure you they’re probably just seeking which country pavilion needs improvement. There are apparently 7 lots Epcot® can use to add countries, so the possibilities are endless!

With the new restaurant additions in Italy and Mexico do you think it’s true that Disney will be adding another pavilion? It would definitely boost Epcot® in comparison to the massive expansion the Magic Kingdom® Park is getting. We have our fingers crossed!